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Review- Lazer Team (and I also recall how much I disliked an entirely different movie).

Anime Reporter delves into the world of live-action American movies to review Lazer Team, the sci-fi comedy coming out on DVD courtesy of Rooster Teeth.

When it’s mentioned that the team behind this crowd-funded film are most well known for their Youtube work, this might leave viewers with somewhat lower expectations of the quality of this film. While I don’t personally feel that crowdfunding or the host of terrible films starting on Youtube should determine someone’s opinion of a movie they haven’t seen yet, those feelings might be useful and accurate in this instance. Let’s find out. Read more ›

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Review: Attack on Titan Part 2- End of the World

Anime Reporter tackles the king-size second installment in the Attack on Titan adaptation. Attack on Titan: End of the World promises bigger things with its title alone, but how does it measure up? Let’s discuss.

Yep, there be spoilers further down, so tread carefully and watch your head.

Spoiler Warning

Well, as you may recall from my last review of the first live-action AoT film, I felt there were a few key elements lacking. This came down to plot, character and visuals, not counting changes from the original which I didn’t personally like. These aspects are what I’ll primarily be assessing to determine if Part 2 redeems the movies as a pair, or whether it’s just a lesser version of what could have been.

Let’s begin with plot. Read more ›

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Review: Attack on Titan Live Action film

Anime Reporter has reviewed the early manga volumes and anime episodes and now it’s time for the live-action adaptation. Can Attack on Titan’s live-action film live up to its illustrated predecessors, or will it be the start of something bigger? Find out here.

There will absolutely be spoilers for this film and the anime and manga series ahead, so delve further at your own risk.

Spoiler Alert3

Attack on Titan, (this film), starts off on a similar, but not identical note to its predecessors, but we can get into the differences later. For now, let’s just look at what it’s actually about. Trapped behind giant walls for 100 years, humanity lives in fear of the titans that prowl outside. These titans are colossal beings, driven to devour humans without rest. Read more ›

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Running Commentary – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (Which I really want to be a buddy comedy for some reason.)

Anime Reporter returns once more to give you my thoughts and reactions as I subject myself to a variety of cinematic experiences. As this is a running commentary/narration, some of my comments will be vague, but there will certainly be spoilers. I’ve posted the times for each of my comments so, one day, future internet-archaeologists can waste tremendous amounts of time seeing exactly what moments my comments sync up with.

Here we go!

00:00 – Okay, so full disclosure, I haven’t actually seen this yet. This is the first Running Commentary film that I’m covering during my very first viewing. This film is actually what gave me the idea of watching all the Star Wars films in order as I really wanted to re-enter the series fully refreshed on what came before. I’m going to be cautious but optimistic here. I’ve grown to really get into this series and I’d be really disappointed if this film ended up fitting the style of the prequels more than the originals. I have heard one or two pretty huge spoilers, particularly revolving around two specific characters from the original trilogy, but I’m still going in mostly blind here. Okay, enough stalling… here it goes.

00:20 – A long time ago…Star Wars… so far so good.

00:45 – Squueeeee! The opening exposition already has me hyped. When did I become a Star Wars fan? When did that actually happen?

01:20 – I had no idea this was all going to be about Luke’s location from the get-go. I assumed he was elsewhere and we’d get some hurried dialogue excusing his absence to make room for the new characters.

02:30 – I am genuinely excited.

02:45 – BB8- I want one!

04:10 – So far, so good, Read more ›

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Okay, so that turned out to be somewhat more than a week…

My bad. Well, kind of. Mostly, what happened was incredibly unfortunate timing. Shortly into my week-long break from anime-reporting, my laptop took a rather unfortunate turn. Basically, it’s probably not the time for updating the site when your laptop is making noises like a dog that swallowed an owl and there’s smoke streaming out of one of the fans. Yep, old Bessie had to be put out to pasture.

Now the road to a new means of reporting has been a long one, but I’m back, so expect more of my ramblings in the near future.

Have a good one!


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Holiday Time!

Anime Reporter will resume its regularly scheduled reporting, ranting and rambling in one week’s time.

Y’all be good now, y’hear?


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