Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 02 review (*Spoilers*)

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Anime Reporter splashes on some holy-water cologne and ventures once more into the breach for part 2 (episodes 13-25 plus OVA) of Blue Exorcist: The Definitive Edition, the blue flame spouting, demonic extravaganza whose first half was of course reviewed here:  The second instalment completes the anime series following directly in the fallout of Part One’s climactic battle and quickly escalates from there, with Rin’s (voiced by Tiger & Bunny’s Nobuhiko Okamoto in Japanese and Vampire Knight’s Bryce Papenbrook in English) identity as the son of Satan soon revealed to his classmates and to the world of exorcists at large. What follows is a quick-paced war between those who want to destroy Rin, those who want to use them for their own nefarious purposes and just a small few who have faith that he can become a truly great exorcist.

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If the first half of this series had one main failing, it was that the beginning and the premise promised something much darker and more intense than it actually delivered. This is superbly rectified in the final half as the narrative becomes faster and much more driven, with a larger story rather than individual episodes and with the shadow of mistrust and secret plots looming over all proceedings. The final conflict, as it inevitably had to be, given the show’s start and the main focus of so many characters, is a cataclysmic battle with Satan himself. While it must have been tempting to script this in the form of a one-on-one battle between Rin and his father, the actually product is something altogether larger and more suitable for the Prince of Darkness (or is that Dracula?) The result is a truly satisfying finish to a great tale with some revelations that might just have a few viewers sympathising with the aforementioned Big Daddy of demons himself.

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The action steps up noticeably from the series’ already impressive beginning and the animation is done absolute justice on the Bluray edition with crisp, clear lines, expansive and immersive environments and truly vivid colours. An occasional exception to the smooth animation is the CGI used for some hellish architecture, though this is presumably used to visually distinguish parts of hell from earthly surroundings and in this sense it is quite effective. Some of the characters expanded upon in the earlier edition are reduced to almost background status during the second half and there is the slight feeling that part of the previous characterisation now seems to have been a way of expanding the episode number for the series, rather than to serve the narrative. In truth, it is more likely a reflection of the anime series being much short than its ongoing manga source and that these characters are given further development and growth beyond the scope of the animation. Additionally, there are elements of growth for some additional characters, including Satan which brings greater depth to the plot than just another fight against evil. The anime is short and dynamic with an ending that should leave most viewers satisfied with the plot but also hungry for more exorcism escapades.

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Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 2 is available on Bluray from Manga Entertainment.

For more information, check out the Manga UK Twitter page:

and The Official Blue Exorcist Anime page:


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Animation:                             9

Characters:                             8.5

Action:                                    9

Tension and Intrigue:          8

Satanic Action:                      8.5

86% – “Damned Good Anime!”

Blue Exorcist Definitive Edition Part 2 steps on the pedal and brings the action to a surprising and heavy-hitting conclusion. Anyone who enjoyed the first half even a little should check this out.

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