Your Favourite Anime. We Want to Know!


Here at Anime Reporter, we really love our anime series, but we really want to know about all of you! What series is your favourite? Why do you like it so much? Now, because it’s so hard to choose an absolute number one sometimes, we’ve given you the option of choosing a few and of entering in your own choices. Don’t forget to let us know why you love your fave(s) so much in the comment section!


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6 comments on “Your Favourite Anime. We Want to Know!
  1. My favorite anime would have to be Sword Art Online but Soul Eater is a close second. SAO is my favorite because I thought the story line was very good, it had lots of surprises and action while still keeping that sense of realism. I think that the plot is not that far out there from what could be possible one day with the advances in technology improving. I enjoyed the characters and their stories, my favorite is Kirito hands down.

    Love your reviews also

    • That’s awesome, we’ve really enjoyed both of those series. The depth and suspense of SOA is phenomenal and the ending of part 2 was intense! Soul Eater is amazing too, with an amazing blend of humour and dark mythology. They’re both truly awesome! Don’t forget to add your choices to our anime poll above. Thanks for sharing and thanks for enjoying our reviews!

  2. tylor300 says:

    My favorite is the original dragonball cause you gotta love goku knowing nothing about the world and thaking his clothers off in public.

    • He did have an innocence that wasn’t quite there in the later series. It’s hard to imagine the tough, fearsome warrior of the later series being that little kid

  3. 7drunkenmonkey says:

    Top 3 for me are trigun, cowboy bebop and trinity blood

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