Fairy Tail Part 6 * Part 5 Spoilers*

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Anime Reporter signs up with Fairy Tail once more for part 6 (episodes 61 – 72) of the series.

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In our look at part 5, we left the intrepid Fairy Tail trio of Natsu, Lucy and Gray (and Happy the cat) having united with the wizards of three other guilds to face down the threat of Oracion Seis and their plan to unleash the mysterious Nirvana, a spell of untold devastation. Having defeated the majority of the six villains, Part 6 nonetheless leaves room for some stellar battles on the back of what is best described as a walking city. Natsu’s comical motion sickness is eventually taken out of play by Wendy’s healing magic and the final confrontations are set to take place. These final battles are intense in terms of action but also very well thought out as parts of a story.

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One of the true strengths of Fairy Tail as a series is that it’s rare to see a battle just for the sake of having some action and fights are generally interspersed with moments of genuine characterisation and plot development. This means that even if the quick paced and liquid-smooth fight scenes were ever in danger of growing stale (though we really don’t think they are), then the plot would be more than enough to carry viewer interest.

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The continuity between arcs is impressive, with references to characters’ histories being shown to have an impact on their present actions and personalities without leaning too heavily on flashbacks or exposition. Coupled with Fairy Tail’s relative youth as a series (hundreds of episodes behind similar shounen series Naruto and One Piece for example), this means that even in the sixth collection, it’s very easy for new viewers to get a full and satisfying picture of the Anime and its characters without feeling too lost without earlier episodes. That said, the charm of the series will likely have any such viewers eager to catch up on the first five collections.

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Each of the characters of Fairy Tail, as well as having a wide variety of magic-types and fighting styles, is found with well-crafted and original personalities. While Natsu is undeniably the hero of the tale and Lucy is quite arguably the main character, in this segment it is Erza Scarlet who comes into focus more. Erza’s skills as a warrior are clear from the beginning of the series and her unique magical skill of equipping various forms of magical armour and weaponry makes her by far the most versatile fighter of the group. What are more apparent throughout these episodes are her personality and her vulnerabilities as a person.

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Erza Scarlet armour fashion-montage!

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The second story arc inside the collection returns the focus slightly more to Natsu and his ongoing quest to find Igneel, the fire dragon who raised him and taught him the dragon-slayer magic that is his trademark. These episodes give as much weight and tension to their events and characters as any of the longer arcs, meaning that nothing really feels like filler material, just the continuation of a wonderful story.

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Fairy Tail is truly among the world’s most popular anime and it’s easy to see why with great attention to humour and action, incredibly sleek and smooth animation and the series’ focus on telling a great story and doing it well.

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Fairy Tail Part 6 is another welcome journey into magic, comedy and adventure which nobody should miss out on!

Fairy Tail Part 6 is available on DVD from Manga Entertainment now, for more anime info check out the Manga UK Twitter,

The official Fairy Tail Facebook page,

And of course stay with us at Anime Reporter for all your anime news!

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Action:                                    9

Humour:                                8

Likeable characters:             9

Plot:                                        8

Animation:                             8.5

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85% – “True to Form”

Fairy Tail Part 6 maintains the very high standards this show has sets itself and welcomes us back to its world of high-stakes magic battles and obnoxious talking cats. Excellent!


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