Best Fairy Tail Member!


We can all agree that Fairy Tail has a lot of awesome wizards within its walls. We want you to tell us which one(s) you like the most!

We’ve only included members of the guild itself and you can have up to 3 answers.


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8 comments on “Best Fairy Tail Member!
  1. wilingwriter says:

    I’ve not watched but i have watched death note (seriously you’re team El?)

  2. wilingwriter says:

    if fairy tale is good and not long i might watch it. so is it?

  3. wilingwriter says:

    yeah i took the quiz on the back of the deathnote manga, apparently i’m Mello- so not happy about that. I would rather be Light when he was sane.
    I notice you didn’t say whether fairytale was long or not, keep in my mind the longest anime I’ve watched is Inuyasha and i quit at episode 124. it’s too long

    • Yeah, Mello is not among my favourite Death Note characters. For me, the top to are of course L and Light. It’s so hard to know who you want to win sometimes!
      Fairy Tail is still ongoing, though at the moment it’s got about 175 episodes.

      • wilingwriter says:

        yeah, my friend told me they’re long. in her opinion animes that long aren’t very good. though she’s very lazy and hasn’t watched more than 60 episodes of an anime she even skipped to the end of code geass!

  4. Well, I think that short and long anime usually have very different ways of storytelling. Shorter series like Deathnote or Sword Art Online are usually trying to tell a story but with longer Shounen like Fairy Tail or One Piece, you’re really watching to see the characters develop and grow. I really love both types of series though it can definitely be a bit scary if you have 300 episodes to go on a series you just discovered, especially when some of the longer series can make quicker battles drag sometimes. I’d try out Fairy Tail, I really think it’s a fun show, but if you decide you don’t love it too much after 10-12 episodes then you probably have your answer.

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