Death Note: Whose Side Are You On?

Death Note is an amazing piece of manga/anime with high stakes and ever-escalating tension. Both sides have everything to lose and both play for keeps.

Who were you rooting for across the series? Who did you really, really want to see win the day?



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5 comments on “Death Note: Whose Side Are You On?
  1. myicyblues says:

    L always! Kira is so stupid lol.

  2. Mil215 says:

    I have to admit that when I first read the manga I was 100% on Kira’s side but… then I watched the anime and I fell in love with L’s character, so… my final veredict is: L FTW!

  3. TK says:

    I kind of really liked Light. I’m not sure if that really puts me on his side or not. The whole god complex he developed was entertaining, but didn’t make him very likable.

    • He was a very complex and villainous protagonist. Not unlike Breaking Bad, you really got to see his “noble” intentions eventually twisting him into an unrecognisable monster, but one who nonetheless spent his time trying to make the world a better place. I think that’s what makes the question a tough one. I liked L’s goofy humour and his bizarre attitude, but mainly I just loved watching the game of chess between them, not even sure who I wanted to win.

  4. L is an awesome character so I was rooting for him. His departure from the show was a disappointment.

    Light’s plan of using the Death Note to punish criminals is something I could get behind, but he took things too far. After becoming corrupted by power he did some pretty despicable things so I wasn’t a fan of his.

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