Toriko Manga Volume 21

I will resist the urge to make a "Kung-Food" joke. I will resists the urge to make a "Kung-Food" joke...

I will resist the urge to make a “Kung-Food” joke. I will resists the urge to make a “Kung-Food” joke…

Anime Reporter serves up another slice of Toriko action with volume 21. If you’re a little bit behind the action, we reviewed volumes 16 – 20 here and if you’re interested in getting into Toriko from the very start, we reviewed volumes 1-5 here and feel free to check out our reviews of everything in between too.

When volume 20 ended, Toriko and Komatsu were seeking the all too elusive Bubble Fruit and the disappearing Shokurin Temple. The duo had just encountered Chin Chinchin, the master of Food Honour (or Food Etiquette) at the very end of the book. Volume 21 naturally enough picks up from that precise moment and Toriko and Komatsu soon learn that Food Honour is precisely what they’ll need to be able to harvest the delicate Bubble Fruit. What follows is an arc which isn’t a thousand miles away from the typical martial arts film, with the pair training and meditating on the discipline of being ever appreciative of food and its role in life. This process will also heighten their awareness and their latent abilities (again, not unlike the average Kung Fu movie).

This volume sees Toriko and Komatsu put to the test together as they’re both completely unused to the meditation and gruelling routine which their training requires. This arc also introduces Shuu, a calm, apprentice mast of Food Homour whose job is to put Toriko and Komatsu through their paces. Shuu manages to demonstrate the merits of Food Honour and true focus and shows both Toriko and Komatsu that they have yet to unlock their full potential.

While this arc takes place in the same vein as many stories which have come before, it is a genuinely entertaining read and one which manages to fit an almost-new genre of story into the existing world of Toriko seamlessly. The story arc continues into volume 22 and promises to be one of the most enjoyable and enthralling arcs to date.

That just about brings us up to speed on the Toriko manga series for now. Volume 21 is currently available in the UK and Ireland from Viz Media with volume 22 due out in June.

For more information, check out the Viz Media website.

Action:                                    7.5

Plot:                                        8.5

Entertainment:                       8.5

Character Development:       9

Suspense:                              7

Toriko Volume 21 Bubble Fruit

84% – “Exquisite”

Toriko Volume 21 manages to deliver one of Toriko’s best story arcs to date and it’s not even over yet. We can’t wait for Volume 22!



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