Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Part 02

Anime Reporter squeals with excitement for the second part of Magi: Labyrinth of Magic (episodes 14 – 25). As readers may recall from our review of Part 1 here (Disclaimer: some mild nudity), we absolutely loved this series and couldn’t wait to bring you the next instalment!

Magi 28 Aladdin

Naturally, if you haven’t already seen the first thirteen episodes of Magi, you should A) read our review of them before you B) run out and get your hands on it immediately, then C) enjoy and only then, continue free from Part 1 spoilers into the rest of this review.

Spoiler Alert


Magi 04 Casim

Done? Excellent! Wasn’t that great? We told you it would be. Part two continues on without skipping a beat and find Alibaba struggling to save Balbadd from the dark magical forces trying to overturn his home country and its people and things have taken a fairly dark turn. The Balbadd story arc comes to a close after a few episodes and our intrepid adventurers find themselves welcome guests in Sinbad’s own kingdom, Sindria. Not that the Balbadd arc finishes entirely neatly, with repercussions both grand and intimate in scale. Our cast of loveable scamps and warriors is expanded significantly by the addition of Sinbad’s loyal generals, who also serve as excellent mentors for Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgianna.

Magi 25 Generals

The series takes a decidedly darker tone and shies away ever so slightly from the comic tone of its earliest episodes. That said, time is made for the occasional laugh and the charm of the series is left intact. In a nice return to the original premise, the Sindria arc gives Alibaba and crew another excuse (as if they really needed one) to venture into a dungeon and tackle a whole new selection of powerful and… well, odd creatures.

Magi 18 there are no words

It’s really not what it looks like!


Despite appearances, I assure you, that creature has an elephant-like trunk growing out of its stomach. I promise, that’s what you’re looking at.

Magi 21 Dungeon Monsters Ali Baba

But they won’t be tackling this dungeon alone. In a move sure to inspire several cries of “ Avatar: The Last Airbender did it first!”, the mysterious prince of the invading empire has joined their ranks. Sporting a rather nasty burn over one side of his face (Very Zuko-esque), Hakuryuu Ren ( voiced by Kensho Ono, the Japanese voice of Harry Potter in Japanese and Blue Exorcist’s Darrel Guilbeau in English) is a stubborn and rebellious young man, eager to win Sinbad’s trust and who has a strong need to succeed on his own. More than anything, he proves to be a character worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Aang? Never heard of him.

Aang? Never heard of him.

The plot takes a few darker turns than the episodes we’ve seen before and some instances of violence justify the 15 age rating for the DVDs.

Magi 24

The main cast each undergo some nice moments of personal growth and the benefits of their training mean a whole new host of abilities on display. A great deal more is revealed about the two sides of magic and a few choice details about the true nature of magis.

Magi 20 Djinn Zagan

Thus, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic comes to a close, but fear not, the story continues in the current series: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, something nice to look forward to!

Magi 12 Yamraiha Aladdin

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Part 2 is available on DVD and Bluray in the Uk and Ireland from 12th May 2014 from Manga Entertainment. For more information, check out the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Facebook page  and theManga UK Twitter.

Magi 22 Morgianna

Plot:                            9

Likeable Characters:9

Action:                        8.5

Suspense/Drama:      9

Entertainment:           8

Magi 09 Sinbad

87% -“Stellar”

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Part 2 brings the first season to a wonderful close, wrapping up with a great tale of adventure, destiny and the bonds of friendship.


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