Attack on Titan Manga Volumes 6-10

Anime Reporter returns to the world of Attack on Titan for manga volumes 6 – 10 of this colossal series.

Attack on Titan 06 - 1

Readers who are unfamiliar with the events of the first five volumes would be well warned to avoid this review and perhaps check out our coverage of those first five volumes here instead.

Spoiler Alert

All clear? Excellent!


AttackOnTitanVol7Okay, so how amazing were volumes 1-5? Twists and intrigue are not easy to pull off in a fantasy setting and Attack on Titan has done a superb job! Eren surviving being eaten was a tough one to keep quiet about, never mind his little condition. Eren’s abilities not only make the plot and action sequences significantly less one-sided, they also open him up to a whole new world of adversaries and obstacles to overcome, as well as being incredibly cool to watch in action.

Volume 6 continues on from the end of last volumes events with the survey corps coming under attack from the very driven and capable female titan. The action escalates to even greater levels than what we’ve had the pleasure of seeing before and the plot is not yet even close to unravelling. Eren has to learn to trust his new court-appointed teammates while they’re not sure if they can even look at him as a human.

By Volume 7, the chase is still very much on, with the survey corps’ versatile foe showing that she knows a few tricks or two that they might not have seen before. Things become even more complicated once the party reaches the safety of a city and events lead them to believe that Eren might not be alone in his abilities and worse still, that a human may have been responsible for the attacks on the walls starting five years earlier. The suspense is bumped up more than a few levels in Volume 8 as things take a more covert turn, with Eren, Armin and crew attempting to ferret out potential traitors and titans. When all’s said in done, this arc reveals more questions than answers and raises a few question marks about the walls themselves.

Attack on Titan 07 - 1Volumes 9 and 10 take the focus away from Eren for a while, focusing on a party of rookies, suspected of being possible traitors who are soon given the chance to prove their loyalty and their values as soldiers when they come under siege by yet another wave of invading titans.

The story twists and expands to entirely unforeseen places with new varieties of titans emerging, with fantastic abilities, appearances and even personalities. Things have reached a dangerous level of excitement and the story shows no signs of slowing down. Eren doesn’t seem to be out of the woods just yet as far as the mystery behind his powers is concerned. With the answers in his father’s basement still so very far away, all we can do is hold on tight and enjoy what is proving to be a monumental and original rollercoaster.

Attack on Titan 09 - 1

Attack on Titan Volumes 6-10 are currently available in the UK and Ireland and are more than worthy successors to the excellent volumes which came before. We can’t wait for 11!

Plot:                             9.5

Action:                         9.5

Art:                              8

Mystery:                       9

Character Building:      8

Attack on Titan 10 - 1

88% – Colossal– Attack on Titan volumes 6-10 lose no momentum from the stellar beginning of the series and seem to be building towards even bigger tales to come.


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