Toriko manga Volume 22 (Chapters 190-198)

Volume 22 sees the end of the Bubble Fruit arc and introduces the Four Beast arc.

The Bubble Fruit arc ends with the martial-arts showdown you never knew Toriko had in it as a series. Toriko’s master in the ways of Food Honour has been defeated and it’s up to Toriko to face off against the person good enough to defeat him. Luckily Toriko has received something of an upgrade from the delicacy that gives this storyline its name but it still manages to be one hell of a fight. Bringing the tension well past boiling point, Komatsu also has to face off against a rival he barely knew he had and the pair come out of the conflict less certain of just how useful their Food Honour training will be in the big bad Gourmet World.

Toriko 22 GaohThe Four Beast arc will likely be the perfect way to put Food Honour to the test. The Human World is in a state of utter terror as the Four Beasts have been spotted making their way from Gourmet World. The Four Beasts are creatures which return every few hundred years when the human population has reached a high enough level to provide a decent meal. Each of the beasts is capable of wiping out the human population alone and none of the monsters already in Human World seems capable of standing in their way.

Toriko 22 MounturtleThe Mounturtle, the answer to the often asked question of what you get when you cross a colossal and vicious snapping turtle with an active volcano, is just one of the monsters set on its goal of devouring more or less all of humanity. Then we have the Invaitdeath, a long-necked sea-creature with fangs and malice aplenty. King Octopus Kong maintains Toriko’s love of unusual gorillas with a gargantuan example of what one might look like with a punk-rock headfin and more than a few tentacles sprouting all over its body. Lastly we have Gaoh, the king of who knows what jungle, but a monster that makes the Battle Wolf look like a housetrained puppy. Each of city-levelling leviathans is approaching the Human World from a different direction meaning that four lines will have to be drawn in the proverbial sand if mankind is to stand even the most remote chance of survival.

Toriko 22 InvaitdeathIchiryuu is a little bit busy tangling with the dreaded Gourmet Corp, trying to cut them off before they can get too close to their goal. He asks his conveniently numbered sons, the Four Heavenly Kings, to tackle the beasties in his absence. Volume 22 comes to a close just as the confrontations are getting warmed up and it promises to be one hell of a story arc.

Toriko Volume 22 sees the end of a truly entertaining and character-driven arc and the birth of one that promises to provide action and tension like nothing before. Volume 22 is available in the UK and Ireland from Viz Media today!


Plot:                 8.5

Entertainment: 8.5

Action:             9

Suspense:         9.5

Development:   8.5

Toriko 22 King Octopus Kong

88% –A Triumph!Toriko Volume 22 is a truly great serving of all of the best parts of this series, with plenty of action, suspense and intrigue sprinkled onto an increasingly satisfying story. Keep it coming!


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