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Black Butler manga Volumes 1-5 review

Anime Reporter serves up our take on Black Butler manga volumes 1-5 (Chapters 1-23). Set in Victorian England (give or take several technological advancements), the series focuses on the illustrious Phantomhive family, fine purveyors of toys and games. The Phantomhive family

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Fairy Tail movie 1: Phoenix Priestess review

  Anime Reporter jets ahead of the current collection for Fairy Tail, the first movie: Phoenix Priestess. Fans of the main series should be advised that this film takes place after the time skip. If you don’t know what the

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Blood Lad manga Volume 05 review

Anime Reporter returns once more to Demon world to review the fifth instalment of the Blood Lad manga series. Needless to say, this being the fifth volume, anyone who is unfamiliar with the first four should a) check out our

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Triage X manga review (Nudity, Graphic Violence, NSFW)

Anime Reporter locks and loads for another manga review with Triage X volumes 1-4, the action-filled assassin series written and illustrated by Shouji Sato. Some readers may have already recognised Sato’s name or… particular style as one and the same

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Naruto Collection 18 review

Anime Reporter gears up for Naruto Shippuden Collection 18, (episodes 219-231), another bout of ninja-themed anime action. Needless to say, being the eighteenth collection of the second series, there are going to be quite a few spoilers here for anyone

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Jormungand Season 01 review

Anime Reporter prepares to tarnish its soul, entering the world of Jormungand, Keitaro Motonaga’s crime anime based on Keitaro Takahiaski’s manga of the same name. “I have devoured five continents. I have slurped three oceans dry. The vast sky alone

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Blood Lad manga volumes 01-04

Anime Reporter set off in search of new manga treasures and returns triumphantly with Yuuki Kodoma’s Blood Lad Volumes 1-4 (chapters 1-20). Blood Lad is a relatively recent (starting in 2009) series with a gothic premise, but which takes its influences

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