Goodbye Studio Ghibli?

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that Anime Reporter writes on Studio Ghibli’s announced closure. Following an announcement made during an interview, many fans simply didn’t want to believe it. It has since been reported by several international news outlets that Studio Ghibli will no longer be producing animation.
Among many fans of anime, Ghibli has come to mean a quality of storytelling and a level of magic rarely seen in any form of film. On a personal note, it has been a very long time since I first watchedSpirited Away and I have yet to find a film that I consider to be better.

Studio Ghibli’s wondrous films, from Princess Mononoke to Howl’s Moving Castle to My Neighbor Totoro, have been delighting audiences for so many years. It should serve as a comfort that the studio has produced such a sterling collection of work and I have no doubt that the full Ghibli set will come to be viewed as anime’s most precious treasure.

Word has it that the Ghibli executives are calling this closure an attempt at “housecleaning” and emphasize the possibility of simply rebuilding the studio to resume producing animations in the future. Hopefully this is true, though it is still difficult to see the studio shutting down at all. We dearly hope there is truth to the rumours that the closure will be temporary. We prepare ourselves for the possibility that it might not be.


There is a beautiful pain to be found in saying goodbye to a beloved friend and that is what this is for many anime fans.
Goodbye Ghibli, and thank you for all that you have meant to us.


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