Review – Attack on Titan Part 02

Anime Reporter delves back into the dangerous world of Attack on Titan for part 2 (episodes 14 – 25) of the anime extravaganza!

Attack on Titan Part 02 06

Now, doubtless, most anime fans have been hearing about Attack on Titan for yonks now, but in the possible event that you have no idea what it is, feel free to take a gander at my review of Part 01 of the anime or perhaps my first of many reviews of the manga series. In any case, if you’re new to AoT, no good can come from further reading of this review.

Spoiler Alert

Phew, okay, now that it’s just those of us who caught up with Part One, we can all stop acting like our minds weren’t blown by it! Some serious, visceral action and more shock twists than a faulty electric twisting machine, (I don’t know, it could be a thing!), made it one of the most talked about anime debuts in many a year. Part 2 continues onward with the stakes raised as high as ever before.

Attack on Titan Part 02 03

Quick recap: Eren has been outed as someone with the incredibly ability to transform into a titan. Some say that this makes him a perfect weapon, others think it just makes him a monster. Eren has certainly proved his value by blocking up a hole in one of the great walls, but he has still to prove that he’s on the side of the angels. Not an easy task if you turn into a fifteen metre tall demon who occasionally tries to eat your best friend.

Attack on Titan Part 02 02 Eren court

When Part 02 kicks off, Eren is awaiting trial after his successful mission to reclaim lost territory from the titans. Through some rather unconventional defence methods, it is eventually agreed that Eren be released on probation to serve with the Scouts, the only soldiers allowed or qualified to set foot outside the safety of the inner walls. If Eren can prove himself a useful weapon in humanity’s greatest war, he gets the privilege of staying alive, if not, his new teammates are given full permission to hack him to pieces. Not an ideal start as the new kid.

Attack on Titan Part 02 08

All things considered, it could be worse though. While several of his new teammates would certainly chop his head off at the drop of a hat, probably being killed is a huge improvement from certainly being killed, so it’s all looking up. As the rookie, Eren has the fun job of menial labour, which he has to balance with some pokes and prods from his team’s resident mad scientist. After quite a while testing out exactly what he can and can’t do, Eren is just about ready for his first mission as a scout and, as chance would have it, a few of his fellow graduates have been handpicked for the same mission. Things are about to get very, very dicey.

Attack on Titan Part 02 06

The mission is a simple one: Go outside for a few hours, practice communicating and co-ordinating as a convoy, then return alive. The scouts work a widespread formation, passing on titan locations by means of flares and smoke signals and are able to move to avoid big threats. Eren, the focus of the whole exercise, is kept in the middle of it all, ideally as far away from the action as possible, while the scouts on the edges deal with any threats as quickly as possible.

Attack on Titan Part 02 07

Oh, if only twere that simple. A renegade titan, one who doesn’t seem to follow the rules, breaks through the ranks and makes a definite beeline for Eren. What’s more, this uncanny behemoth seems capable of anticipating the scouts’ tactics and out-manoeuvring them without breaking a sweat… if titans sweat… probably not, given that they have no skin. Nonetheless, she makes avoiding and pummelling these hardened professionals seem like child’s play.

Attack on Titan Part 02 04 abnormal female titan

The majority of the episodes deal with the events of this mission and its fallout. If you weren’t impressed by Part One, Part Two might just change your tune, introducing more frenzied action and adding to the mystery of the titans and Eren’s connection to them. This story arc covers from about Volume 05 of the manga to Volume 07-ish though this is one series which is undoubtedly improved by its transition to the screen. Action sequences are a little messy in the manga but the animation captures movements smoothly enough to keep up with the chaos. An operatic soundtrack blends with a touch of heavy rock to provide just the right atmosphere for violence, terror and suspense.

Attack on Titan Part 02 11

Don’t dare miss out on this series!

Attack on Titan Part 02 05 abnormal female titan Armin

Attack on Titan Part 02 is currently available on DVD and Blu ray from Manga Entertainment. You can find more information about upcoming releases at the Manga UK website.

Attack on Titan Part 02 12


Plot Development:                    9

Action:                                     10

Animation:                               8.5

Suspense and Tension:              9.5

Character Development:           8

Attack on Titan Part 02 09

90% – Utterly Badass – Attack on Titan Part 02 keeps the fast-flying action of the first part and ramps up the plot with no hesitation. Twists and turns are quickly becoming the norm for this series and it should keep even the most perceptive viewers on the edges of their seats with absolute ease.


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2 comments on “Review – Attack on Titan Part 02
  1. I can’t wait for season 2. Is it weird that I was rooting for the female titan?

    • Honestly, it’s not weird at all. She’s been by far the most interesting enemy so far in the series and brought the threat of the titans to scary new levels. That earns her a few supporters, I think

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