Review – Witch Hunter manhwa Volumes 09-10

Anime Reporter returns for more witch-hunting manhwa action with Witch Hunter Volumes 09-10 (chapters 39-52).

Screenshot_2014-11-18-11-47-14Well, at long last, Tasha and his teammates have made their way to Britain, but the welcome party isn’t going to be much fun. Halloween finds herself in a tricky situation when she’s brought face to face with Aria, the powerful and bloodthirsty witch who’s also Tasha’s sister, which of means that Halloween is under strict orders not to kill her.

Adding complication to conflict, Tasha finds himself duking it out with Lancelot, whom we’ll all remember had an odd soft spot for Halloween during their last encounter. Halloween takes off to help Tasha, leaving someone perhaps less than trustworthy to take it easy on Aria.

As Tasha’s fight with Lancelot comes to a close, we learn a hell of a lot about Halloween’s true identity, and starting with the next review, (for fear of spoilers), I might just have to start calling her something else. All that can really be said is that Lancelot is far from the only throwback to the round table and there are plenty more appearances from the Arthurian rosters.


Things also start to advance mercifully with regard to the four great witches as Merlin himself offers up a pretty drastic deal to broker their whereabouts. Tasha isn’t going to like the outcome but the choice may well and truly be out of hand. (Heh.)


Meanwhile, in the realm of Bairong, Xing, or Yue as he hopes not to be recognised, comes at long last face to face with his rather more tyrannical brother and the showdown is all set to kick off by the time Volume 10 rolls to a close.


All in all, 09 and 10 provide a more dynamic storyline, with less emphasis on action, but a great deal more emphasis on actual plot points. Tasha’s relationship with Halloween really begins to change and we’re finally treated to something (hopefully) concrete that links WH with the four great witches, instead of just allusions and shady cliff-hangers.


Witch Hunter may be on its way back to a solid storyline, but only time will truly tell.

Witch Hunter Volumes 09-10 are currently available in English.


Screenshot_2014-11-23-20-26-52Suspense:                     9

Humour:                      6.5

Action:                         7.5

Plot Development:        7.5

Entertainment:             6.5

74% – Picking Up – Witch Hunter returns somewhat to form with some more tangible story development and some cliff-hangers that amount to actual plot rather than simply another close up of an evil woman with large breasts.

That's right.. I went there.

That’s right.. I went there.


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