Review – Toriko manga Volume 25: ‘Gourmet Corp. Invasion!!’

Anime Reporter foregoes a knife and fork and simply launches face first into Toriko Volume 25, (That’s chapters, or ‘gourmets’, 217 – 225).

All sorts of substances are hitting any number of fans in the world of Toriko right now, so anyone unacquainted with the series can find my take on the earliest volumes here, while those perhaps just a little out of the loop should really catch up with Volume 24.

Toriko Vol 25 (1)

We’re all caught up?


Spoiler Warning

There really is no turning back…


Toriko Vol 25 (4)So, last volume was pretty sweet, right? Cooking Fest kicked off and puts the Olympics to shame! We got to see Komatsu take the spotlight for a bit and we were introduced to the controversial and volatile Brunch, the Zebra of the chef world. (Zebra being the scary Gourmet Hunter and not the stripy horse. Are you sure you’re familiar with this series?)

Well, he’s not sure how he managed it, but Komatsu is through to the next round and his very first match sees Komatsu competing with Zaus, considered by many to be the greatest chef in the world. Komatsu instincts and empathy for food will truly be put to the test as the pair are tasked with preparing a delicious meal in pitch black surroundings!

Or at least…that was the plan, but those rather nasty individuals at Gourmet Corp., (‘Bishokukai’ in Japanese), have entirely different ideas. Now, we’ve encountered quite a few of these powerhouse and monstrosities before, but never quite like this. Gourmet Corp. invades by the hundreds, destroying all in its wake until it reaches Gourmet Fest with one goal in mind; take all the chefs!

Toriko Vol 25 (2)Now, I know what you’re thinking, Toriko and the other Heavenly Kings are in the audience so the day is very much saved, but let’s not forget that just one member of Gourmet Corp., Tommyrod, was able to relieve Toriko of an arm the last time they met and the numbers are certainly against our heroes. Luckily, in this world, a chef is never just a chef and we get to see some of the awesome power underneath those incredibly tall, white hats. Granny Setsuo, in particular, strikes an imposing figure on the battlefield but there’s a hell of a lot to be seen in all corners.

Starjun, that insanely powerful figure whose power blew Toriko away during the Regal Mammoth arc, also makes a live appearance and he and Toriko duke it out with Komatsu as the prize.

Toriko is a series which has gone from strength to strength. It’s refreshing to see Gourmet Corp making their move without giving the heroes a lot of time to prepare and brood beforehand and it says a lot about this series that the build up towards Komatsu’s match was considerable and yet its interruption is met with no real disappointment as the all out siege that takes place is monumental and glorious.

Toriko Vol 25 (8)

Toriko manga Volume 25 is available in English from today, December 2nd 2014 and at the risk of overusing cooking puns, it really truly does turn up the heat!

Toriko Vol 25 (5)

Suspense:                     9.5

Action:                         10

Drama:                         8

Roster of foes:              9

Entertainment:             9

Toriko Vol 25 (7)

91% – Cooked to Perfection! – Toriko Volume 25 offers some serious action and sends the big picture storyline hurtling from the background at face-melting speed! Long time fans of the series will be well rewarded with this sizzling starter to some serious action, newcomers now have a serious reason to start tucking in with relish and everyone should be watering at the mouth in anticipation of Volume 26.


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