Review – Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) manga Volume 19

Anime Reporter interrupts our run of Reborn! reviews to bring you our take on Black Butler Volume 19, (chapters 88-92).

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (5)

Naturally, with this being the 19th volume of Black Butler, there are quite a few spoilers for the series thus far and newcomers might have more luck with our first Black Butler review.

Spoiler Warning

When last we left off, (here), Ciel and Sebastian had been set a mission outside of their beloved British Empire, to the heart of Germany, where there are whispers of a cursed forest, witches and werewolves and the very final moments of Volume 18 saw them being surrounded by torch and pitchfork wielding villagers. So, basically all the classic horror trappings are laid out before us. Great stuff!

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (4)

Sebastian and Ciel find themselves rather coldly accepted as overnight guests by the lord of the village, the rather peculiar Green Witch. Despite her servants’ warnings, she is fascinated by the outside world and eager to learn what she can from Sebastian. Sebastian and Ciel have plans of their own and make a break to explore the cursed forest.

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (8)

The curse may prove to be more than either of them bargained for though and Ciel’s mind is pushed to breaking point. What’s more shocking; even Sebastian seems to be affected by the curse, something that should be well beneath his demonic powers. The volume raises more questions than answers about the nature of the werewolves which lurk around the village and the Green Witch’s relationship to them.

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (2)

It’s been a hallmark of this series to take elements of horror and turn them somehow on their heads. Though none of the answers are clear just yet, this very much seems to be the case with this story arc and it’s shaping up to be yet another great Kuroshitsuji story.

Black Butler Volume 19 is available in English today, January 20th 2015.

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (1)

Suspense:                     8

Plot Development:        7.5

Mystery:                       9

Drama:                         8.5

Humour:                      6

Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Volume 19 (7)

78% – Chilling – Black Butler Volume 19 takes our protagonists well out of their elements in many ways. This arc unveils itself slowly but to great effect and cant wait for more!


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