Review- Toriko manga Volume 26

Anime Reporter returns for the latest gut-bursting instalment of Toriko’s top-notch manga menu!

Toriko manga volume 26 (7)

Now naturally, with this being the 26th Volume of the series (that’s chapters 226-234), there are more than likely going to be a few spoilers lurking around the place, so consider yourself warned.

Spoiler Warning

Volume 25, (reviewed here), saw the greatest of the Gourmet World competing for glory, honour and respect, before very suddenly having to fight against the meanest and most vicious baddies ever to grace a kitchen. Volume 26 picks up right where things left off, with a massive battle royale allowing Toriko and the Four Kings and Branch to cut loose and leaving Komatsu terrified out of his mind. The entire volume is made of up different fights, with a few side references to some seriously insidious plot developments sprinkled periodically in between punches.

Toriko manga volume 26 (5)

The main stars of the volume are Sunny and Branch. Sunny, as you may recall, was just facing off against Tommyrod at the end of the last volume. Some readers may also recall that Tommyrod was an insect-based fighter with many creepy-crawly themed powers as well as the ability to unleash thousands of giant and deadly insects from inside him. It’s also entirely possible that you remember Tommyrod pummelling Toriko pretty badly and even depriving him of an arm for a while. So, if you’ve been paying close attention to the Toriko series and already knew all of that information, I apologise for the previous three sentences of superfluous information as well as this somewhat drawn out and unnecessary apology.

Toriko manga volume 26 (3)

Sunny, being a man who hates anything he deems less than beautiful, doesn’t have a lot of respect for Tommyrod but the fight is most definitely an impressive one. We’ve been treated to some exposition telling us that the Four Kings are powered up to new levels but the chance to really see Sunny new gifts is not one to pass up. Though that doesn’t mean that we’ve already seen the full extent of Tommyrod’s power either. This fight lasts a couple of chapters and the outcome is probably not something you’d expect to see.

Toriko manga volume 26 (1)

Branch’s foe is a new one and a bizarre one. Suitably enough, given Branch’s oni-like appearance, his adversary, Alg, looks like a mythological centaur and seems to boast a couple of supernatural abilities. We finally get to see some of what Branch can do and he really is shaping up to be a seriously interesting character. Arriving a little late to the volume is Toriko’s battle scene against the big bad Starjun and while things don’t exactly look good for our titular character, the fight is far from over as Volume 26 rolls to a close.

Toriko manga volume 26 (6)

Toriko Volume 26 is currently available in English and keeps the momentum going for what looks to be the biggest, boldest Toriko storyline to date.

Toriko manga volume 26 (4)

Plot Development:                    6

Action:                                     8.5

Drama:                                     8.5

Characters:                              8

Anticipation for Next Volume:  9

Toriko manga volume 26 (2)

80% – Keep it Coming!Though we have to wait until the end of April for Volume 27, Volume 26 assures us that its one well want to read. The humour and whimsy of the Toriko series is put o hold for a wee bit to make space for some serious, hard-hitting action. Enjoy!


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