Review – Attack on Titan manga Volume 14

Anime Reporter gears up for some gargantuan storytelling for Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (chapters 55-58). Naturally, there isn’t a lot of point in reading this if you aren’t up to date with the series so, if you’re brand new to the world of Attack on Titan, you can check out my take on the first manga volume here, or the anime review here.

Spoiler Warning

For those more familiar with the series, we’ll march proudly onwards and damn the consequences!

Attack on titan 14 manga cover

Well, as you no doubt remember, Volume 13 ended on a pretty climactic note, with the Survey Corps and their pretty nifty idea of overthrowing humanity’s only remaining government. What’s more, they somehow plan to do this without taking the lives of the king or any of his loyal soldiers. It’d be an impressive coup to go smoothly without loss of life, even if it wasn’t in the highly unstable climate of, you know, horrific giants which devour humans and some of which can also go undercover as humans whenever they fancy popping over the wall for a snack. The current government doesn’t seem to care too much for its citizens, habitually keeping them in the dark and not being particularly concerned with how many of them end up as titan food, so long as the status quo remains intact. It’s pretty easy to see why the Survey Corps might want to see someone else on the throne but it’s much harder to see how they’re going to go about making it happen.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (1)

All coups need a scene with a guy sitting sternly in shadow. It’s obligatory, like beating someone tied to a chair.


As if toppling a regime wasn’t challenging at the best of times, it’s made ever so slightly harder by the fact that the Survey Corps, a.k.a., the good guys, have become wanted criminals, hunted by their government and by some of the forces that they used to count among their allies. While titans are undoubtedly serious foes to take on, there might just be some surprises in precisely what some of their fellow humans are capable of, both in terms of cruelty and their fighting prowess.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (5)

While action is far from the focus of this volume, there are a couple of fights a brewing that keep things well-stocked on adrenaline and it makes up for the low quantity of action with serious amounts of conspiracy, intrigue and some darkly-defining moments for our protagonists. Volume 14 makes for some serious storytelling and sets the scene for bigger things to come in Volume 15.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (6)

Attack On Titan manga Volume 14 is currently available in English, and has been for some time.

I told you.

I told you.

Plot Development:        7.5

Suspense:                     9

Action:                         6.5

Intensity:                      9.5

Entertainment:             6

Attack on Titan manga Volume 14 (7)

77% – Back on Track – Attack on Titan Volume 14 foregoes gigantic-action for a dark plot, character development not meant for the faint of heart and just enough twists to change a hell of a lot about the world of AOT. Volume 15 is out on 19th March 2015 so if you want to catch up before its out, now is the time!

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