Review – Good Luck Girl! anime Series 1

Anime Reporter brings you the word on Good Luck Girl! Season One (episodes 01-13), the entirety, to date, of the anime based on Yoshiaki Sukeno’s manga series of the same name.

Good Luck Girl! 05

It’s worth noting that while this series and its premise are quite light-hearted and a lot of fun, some episodes deal hefty doses of fan-service and there’s generally a lot of focus on the main character’s breasts as well as one character with a pretty blatant love of S&M so parents may want to keep particularly young viewers away from this series.

Good Luck Girl! 10

Ichiko Sakura leads what many would consider to be a pretty good life. She has beauty, brains, athletic skill, wealth, an adoring butler and the adoration of all the boys in her class. Life is, on the whole, going fantastically for this sixteen year old.

More than a little too well, as it happens.

You see, there are two quite significant problems with Ichiko’s rather blessed life;

  1. She’s a terrible human being.
  2. Through some sort of cosmic loophole, Ichiko gets her incredible luck by inadvertently draining the good fortunes of anyone around her.

Good Luck Girl! 01

What this means is that before much longer, the people in Ichiko’s life will run out of luck and meet terrible fates, while she pretty much continues to saunter through life, getting whatever she wants on a whim. Luckily, she’s caught the attention of a few gods who’re about to take care of the situation.

Good Luck Girl! 04

Enter Momiji, a god of Misfortune who breaks the news to Ichiko in fairly dramatic terms and presents her with a choice; either give up her ridiculous lifestyle or see everyone she cares about wither and die… She probably shouldn’t have given her a choice though, as Ichiko isn’t the type of person to give up anything. What follows are a dozen hilarious episodes of Ichiko and Momiji duelling it out with Momiji attempting to drain the good luck out of Ichiko with a gigantic syringe and having a pretty hard time due to Ichiko’s incredibly powerful good fortune.

Good Luck Girl! 03

The series is seriously slick, with a hell of a lot of superb references to most of the major anime series’ that older fans are likely to be familiar with. There are some quite overt and beautifully crafted tips of the hat to some series’ and characters while other references occur more in the form of exaggerated tropes and wonderfully cheesy versions of scenes seen many times before. There’s a little part of me that just wants to gush about some of my favourite jokes and moments in this series, but I can’t bring myself to rob viewers of the chance to discover them while watching.

Good Luck Girl! 07

Good Luck Girl! is hilarious, overflowing with action and striking the perfect balance between strong emotional character development and over the top fourth wall breaks and references. Honestly, the biggest fault with this series is that it ends at just thirteen episodes and, though it does promise more in the future, no future episodes have as of yet aired in Japan.

Good Luck Girl! 09

If you enjoy cheeky humour, cartoonish action and pretty extreme but likeable characters, then this series could well be for you. If you also happen to love a lot of other anime series and are familiar with the tropes of the medium, and don’t mind a little blatant fan-service every now and then, then this series is undoubtedly something that you need to check out immediately. That being the case, you’re in luck because

Good Luck Girl! (episodes 1-13) is available on DVD in the UK and Ireland from March 16th 2015 and it really is a seriously entertaining piece of anime.

I refuse to put this in any context.

I refuse to put this in any context.

Humour:          9.5

Action:             8

Characters:      8

Premise:           8.5

Plot:                 8

Good Luck Girl! 06

84% – A Remarkable Little Series– Good Luck Girl! follows last weeks Ben-To as another bizarre but incredibly well delivered and very funny pieces of anime. If you dont know this series, you absolutely should.


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