Review- Attack on Titan manga Volume 15

Anime Reporter marches onwards with Attack on Titan manga Volume 15, (chapters 59-62), bringing you the verdict on the latest instalment of one of manga’s biggest baddest blockbusters at the moment.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (4)

If you know nothing of what significance the words “Attack on Titan” might have when you put them in that particular order, then you may just benefit from taking a look at my take on the earliest chapters of the story here or by reading up on the anime series here. If you’re still drawing a few blanks and aren’t really sure what manga or anime are, then you could always benefit from a look at this intro to the concepts here. There really isn’t any valid reason at all why someone should need to take a look here.

If you’re pretty much familiar with Attack on Titan, but aren’t yet up to date with Volume 14, be warned, there will be a few spoilers running about this review, poking things that don’t belong to them, asking to try on your glasses and being rude to the elderly.

Spoiler Warning

Those of us acquainted with the series and who managed to get through that fairly wordy intro, shall press on!

Well, the Scouts and their rather ambitious and radical plan to overthrow the only remaining human government are actually making some rather good progress, even with those rather pesky, bloodthirsty mercenary cowboy-like folk doing a fairly solid job of hunting them down and killing quite a few of them with the versatile 3D gear customised for hunting humans. Luckily, the plan to free humanity is being fought on quite a few different battlefields, though it does all trust quite a lot in the idea of trusting the common man and assuming a great deal of corruption and great on the part of the nobles, which feels a little naïve considering that they now occasionally have to kill their fellow humans for the “greater good”.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (1)

The plot moves quickly across four chapters and we even get to see a little more about just where Eren and Historia have ended up, as well as some very interesting ideas about the nature of abnormal titans and perhaps even the origin of Eren’s titan abilities.

There’s so much happening in this series at the moment that even diehard fans of the anime should probably consider catching up with the manga because this storyline is just intensifying all the time! Manga fans, however, won’t have to wait at all as Attack on Titan Volume 15 is currently available in English.

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (11)

Drama:                         8.5

Action:                         7.5

Plot Development:        8

Entertainment:             6.5

Suspense:                     8.5

Attack on Titan manga Volume 15 (5)

78% – Game Changer– Attack on Titan keeps the surprises coming and reminds us just how good this series can be at throwing us curveballs. If youve been following the series so far and have any interest in keeping that going, you really cant afford to miss out on this volume.

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