Review- One Piece anime Collection 09 (episodes 206-229)

Anime Reporter settles down to bring you the scoop, (that’s right, I said scoop), on One Piece anime Collection 09, (episodes206-229). Anyone less familiar with the series can find my reviews of Collections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 by clicking on the appropriate number. If you’re even further out of the loop and would like to know about Collections 01 and 02, I’m afraid you may just have to take my word that this series is truly deserving of its fame and popularity and you probably owe it to yourself to at least check it out, (though the Collection 03 review does give a general overview as well).

One Piece Collection 09 09


If you’re quite unfamiliar with the first two hundred episodes of the series, you really shouldn’t look any further. Even basic details at this point will be serious spoilers for newcomers.

Spoiler Warning

Collection 09, as you might expect, carries on the action from the end of Collection 08, with the Strawhats still eager to escape from the very heart of a gigantic marine fortress. This arc is soon resolved and we move delightfully towards the Foxy Pirate Crew story arc. While the escape from the marine base was certainly an entertaining and well rounded storyline, the Foxy arc is One Piece at its best. The Strawhats, not faring too well on the sea, take refuge on a small island where things, (and by things I mean animals, plants, geography and the weather), are somehow… out of proportion. There we’re treated to a character and heart-tugging story of the kind that One Piece has mastered, (it’s not exactly Alabasta-level, but it’s certainly moving on a smaller, if taller scale), but this is barely the setting for a much wackier and fascinating little story arc.

One Piece Collection 09 01

The Strawhats are challenged to a Davy Back fight by a crew numbering some five hundred pirates. What’s a Davy Back fight, you ask? Oh, ho, ho. It’s just a set of challenges and games where, for each victory, the winning pirate crew gets to claim a member of the other ship as their prize. Naturally only a fool or a madman would agree to such a game, particularly if gravely outnumbered… Do I really need to tell you what happens next?

One Piece Collection 09 12

The story arc sees the two crews competing with the Strawhats having the chance to win themselves some shiny new crewmates, but also risking saying goodbye to a few of their members. As if the overwhelming numbers advantage wasn’t enough, Foxy and his crew specialise in a rather ‘Dastardly and Muttly’ approach to fair play, but then, they also put on a hell of a show. The storyline is overflowing with humour, spectacle, imagination and highly original action.

One Piece Collection 09 07

This collection also sees a subtle hint more computer animation thrown into the series. It doesn’t change things up from the signature style of the series but it’s certainly evident when the time comes to showcase more elaborate action scenes and the overall effect is wonderful.

One Piece Collection 09 06

Following on from the Foxy arc, Luffy and co. wake up with a rather widespread case of amnesia, with almost the entire crew waking up with no idea of who the others are or of any of their adventures since they joined up. Following on from this, the Strawhats face off against a more intimidating foe than they’ve encountered so far and might just put their impressive strength in perspective.

One Piece Collection 09 04

Collection 09 rounds off the end of Season 07 and includes the very first episode of Season 08.

One Piece Collection 09 05

One Piece Collection 09 will be available in the UK and Ireland from Manga Entertainment UK on April 13th 2015. For more information about upcoming releases, check out the Manga UK website and Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow Anime Reporter on Facebook and Twitter too!

One Piece Collection 09 03

Animation:       8.5

Plots:               9

Humour:          9.5

Action:             9

Entertainment: 9

One Piece Collection 09 13

90% – Top Class!– One Piece Collection 09 showcases the finely tuned and loveable chaos that this series excels at, tying action and humour together with ease nd setting the scene for Collection 10 which will most definitely be unmissable for anyone unfamiliar with the words Water Seven. Its going to be incredible!

One Piece Collection 09 11


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7 comments on “Review- One Piece anime Collection 09 (episodes 206-229)
  1. Arria Cross says:

    Not my favourite arc in the series, but I really like that it demonstrates how they treasure their nakama. And the boxing battle between the captain is so funny. Reminds me a bit of “Hajime no Ippo” because of Luffy’s refusal to stay knocked down. Anyway, I just love One Piece and I’m delighted to read other’s posts about it.

    • There are definitely better arcs out there, but I feel like this is where a lot of those arcs started. I really can’t wait for Water 7!

      • Arria Cross says:

        Yeah, you can think of it that way, too. Although not every arc in OP are equally awesome, each of them are great in their own way. Well, it’s my favourite series so I’m terribly biased, but I don’t care. Anyway, have fun with Water 7!

      • It’ll be so hard not to, I got a little emotional reading a couple of scenes of the manga in the Water 7 arc, just before and during the first appearance of a certain Sogeking.

      • Arria Cross says:

        I know what you mean. I just finished rereading the entire manga until the Dressrosa arc 2 weeks ago. I cried and laughed like a lunatic, but I enjoyed it so much. Glad to meet people like you who appreciate OP manga. Cheers!

      • I’ve actually held off on a lot of the manga for a while now so I’m not at the Dressrosa arc just yet. I’m going to wait until I can get on top of my writing and work and then reward myself with a giant One Piece manga marathon!

      • Arria Cross says:

        I see. Well, then you have lots to look forward, too. Enjoy. . .when you do read/watch OP again. Cheers!

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