Review- Blood Lad manga Volume 06

Anime Reporter brings you the scoop on Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (chapters 26-30) . For my review of the first volumes, you can go ahead and click here. For my Volume 05 review click here. For a picture of an orange smoothie, click here. Otherwise, beware of spoilers and an abundance… of ellipses…

Spoiler Warning


Well, if you’re here, you know the story so far, you don’t care about spoilers, you’re curious about whether that smoothie thing will be explained at any point in this review (it won’t), or you’re not entirely sure about what ellipses are and you’re hoping to find out. Well… good luck with that one…

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (6)


Volume 05 left us on a pretty dramatic cliff-hanger, introducing us to Fuyumi and Bell’s rather complicated home lives as well a little something about a declaration… a declaration of war… a war between vampires and werewolves… a war between vampires and werewolves entirely unrelated to Twilight… Twilight which is a very successful book and film series… a series which is… I’m getting off topic.

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (4)

Volume 05 ended with Staz’s brother Baz declaring war on the Demon-King Wolf Daddy, from within his own fortress while wearing a magic-dampening collar. That took some serious guts, to say the least. Now wait until you see how he plans to get out of there with those guts intact. The volume is split between his escape attempt and the complicated fallout therein, and Staz et al getting a little bit of backstory/inappropriate attention from Fuyumi’s mother, as well as an eventual confrontation between Staz and Bell’s father, who has a few questions regarding Staz’s intentions. While this is an intimidating situation at the best of times, Bell’s father is also a giant three-headed flying hydra. Staz has a difficult choice ahead of him which, it seems, is going to say a lot about where he and Fuyumi may end up, and if they can survive their attempts to return her to her human body.

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (5)

Blood Lad is a series which thrives on its own humour and originality, though this volume sees a little bit more in the way of plot development at the cost of humour. The plot moves steadily and it’s nice to see… particularly as it all seems to spell future difficulties and battles down the road, which should only be fun. While this volume isn’t laugh-out-loud hilarious, it does move events forward nicely and it’s around this time that people really need to decide if they’re sticking with this series in the long run because that’s what’s happening here. Personally, I’ll be following this manga very, very closely for a long time to come.

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (3)

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 is available in English from… Today! Rejoice, then Google “ellipses” if you still aren’t sure what they mean, read the rest of this review for the final score and skip down the street to your nearest manga depository to pick up a copy.

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (8)

Plot:                                         8.5

Action:                                     8

New Character Development:    7

Humour:                                  4.5

Foreshaodyness of Doom!      8

Blood Lad manga Volume 06 (7)

72% – Transylvanntastic!… Monster puns are getting trickier at this stage… Im not proud of this oneBlood Lad Volume 06 expands the future threats facing our clueless heroes and ups the scale in a big way. This series has been the great, entertaining manga that Soul Eater should have been for some time now, and its about to amp things up!


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