Review- Toriko manga Volume 27

Anime Reporter picks up the latest helping of Toriko manga in Volume 27 (that’s chapters 235-243, in case you were wondering). Fans of the series shouldn’t need to be reminded of the intense events that have brought the series thus far and newcomers to Toriko can just stop right there because you won’t want this spoiled for you.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (2)


Spoiler Warning

Just, just trust me.

I’m a stranger on the internet, so, you know, take my advice.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (4)

Okay, that’s not a helpful piece of advice. Just, trust me, if you’re curious about Toriko, you’re infinitely better off looking at the first Toriko review I did all the way over here, because after two hundred plus chapters, these spoilers could ruin a large chunk of the series for you, and that’s just not what I want.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (5)

Alright, obligatory extended spoiler alert issued, we shall press on.

Last volume, (reviewed here), saw Toriko and Starjun going head to head with Komatsu as the grand prize. Toriko’s  been training up for this day for a long time now but both sides have some serious surprises to unveil and the fight will only get more intense as the volume progresses. About half of the volume deals with the one-on-one clash, with a couple of flashbacks and side-fights thrown in for good measure. There’s been plenty of build up to this clash and it doesn’t disappoint. Keeping things moving quickly, and bloodily, we see both Toriko and Starjun coming up with a barrage apiece of techniques we haven’t encountered before with some truly graphic consequences.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (6)

We get to see glimpses of some of the other combatants in the all out battle that the Cooking Fest has become. This is not a volume where plot or character development are overwhelming priorities, this is more of a releases of all of the pent up battle tension that these characters have been nursing for far too long.

If you know what I mean ;)

If you know what I mean

The battles aren’t over by the time this volume rolls to a close though there is a little bit more in the way of plot at this stage. It seems like we can probably expect a little bit more in the way of storyline for Volume 28, which as luck would have it, is out on June 18th 2015 from VIZ Media. Stick around Anime Reporter for more on that soon.

Toriko manga Volume 27 (3)

Intensity:                                  9

Action:                                     9

Plot:                                         6.5

Entertainment:                         7

Character Development:           5

Toriko manga Volume 27 (8)

73% – Heavy Going – Toriko Volume 27 amps up the violence, focusing on the titular characters tussle with a titanic antagonist and leaving little room to draw breath with some seriously hard-hitting side stories.


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