Review- One Piece Collection 10 (episodes 230-252)- Water 7

Anime Reporter brings you a review of One Piece anime Collection 10 (episodes 230-252). Naturally, this far into a series, there are going to be some spoilers, so if you’re not completely through with Collection 09, you should look elsewhere. If you’d rather not read the review, but want to get your hands on a FREE copy of One Piece Collection 10, I’d recommend clicking here immediately for details on our competition.

One Piece Collection 10 05

I’ll do my best to avoid outright or detailed spoilers, but consider yourself warned.

Spoiler Warning

Okay people, it’s deep-breath, count-to-ten, stay-calm time, because we’re about to really get into the Water 7 story arc. I’ve been around as many story arcs as any other typical anime-themed journalist, but when I first read the manga of Water 7, I’ll admit, I shed a few tears. We’re going into heavy territory here.

One Piece Collection 10 08

When we left off last, Luffy and the Strawhats had just arrived at Water 7 and were taking some time to explore the wonderfully aquatic wedding-cake shaped city. Water 7 is a pretty interesting place, absolutely covered in canals and waterways, full of costumes and masquerade events. It’s a city of water. A city of masks. A city of secrets. A city of goodbyes.

One Piece Collection 10 16

The Strawhats were fortunate enough to even make it to Water 7 at all, as their beloved ship, the Going Merry, pretty much fell apart upon arrival. Luckily, Water 7 is home to some of the world’s greatest shipwrights, so it’s really the perfect place to be if you need some repairs. Not everyone takes too kindly to pirates in this town though and the shipwrights are more than able to hold their own in a fight. Galley La, a group of talented ship smiths, seems particularly adept when it comes to showing pirates the door. Nonetheless, Luffy manages to convince them to take a look at their ship. The verdict isn’t good and, escalating the situation much more, a lone Usopp is beaten and robbed, taking most of the crew’s money for repairs in the process. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper knock down the door of the hoodlums behind the attack, the Franky Family and they show them what happens when you target a Strawhat.

One Piece Collection 10 07

This arc is about so much more than fighting against tough enemies however. Luffy makes a call that one member of his crew just can’t come to terms with and crewmates suddenly become adversaries, fighting each other bitterly, with everything they have. The Strawhats lose another crewmember without explanation and the remaining crewmembers start to doubt Luffy’s ability to hold them all together. This would be bad enough if it wasn’t for the fact that the Strawhats are framed for an assassination attempt by an elite government agency, making them Water 7’s most wanted.

One Piece Collection 10 14

The Strawhats will have to overcome an enemy whose identity they can’t possibly know, while fighting off a city who think that their heads on a platter would mean justice and even if they do all that, there’s no saying that the crew wouldn’t just fall apart anyway.

One Piece Collection 10 03

Collection 10 ends quite a few episodes before this story arc comes to a close but even the plot contained within is superb. It’s emotional, it’s entertaining, it’s overflowing with mystery and intrigue. My only fault with this arc is that it leans a little bit too heavily on repetitive flashbacks in some scenes, but it’s a minor complaint. The fight scenes are some of the absolute best this series has thrown at us so far, surprising, intense and very, very heated. If you thought you were a One Piece fan before you got this far, well, you might need to come up with a better word after watching this.

One Piece Collection 10 12

This is One Piece at its best.

One Piece Collection 10 06

This is anime at its best.

One Piece Collection 10 15

One Piece Collection 10 is available on DVD in the UK and Ireland from Manga Entertainment from June 15th 2015.

If you’d like to get your hands on a FREE copy of One Piece Collection 10, click here for details on entering our competition!

Action:                                     9

Drama:                                     9.5

Suspense:                                 8.5

Character Development:           10

Emotion:                                  10

One Piece Collection 10 11

94% – Heartbreaking and Wonderful – Ive never been secretive about the fact that Im a One Piece fan, but I truly believe that this story arc is one of the best examples of what makes anime so often so much better than Western equivalents.

One Piece Collection 10 10

Dont dare miss this arc. Dont dare.

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