Review- Red Vs Blue Season 11

Anime Reporter gives you the scoop on Season 11 of Red Vs Blue, the action-genre parody based on the Halo universe of video games.

Red Vs Blue Season 11 01

Now, in the interest of a fair review, I should acknowledge that I’m not totally familiar with Red Vs Blue. In fact, the only thing I’d seen from the series before was their Guide to the Internet, which I remember thinking was pretty funny when I first saw it.

Red Vs Blue Season 11 03

I didn’t exactly have the same experience with Season 11. I, again, fully acknowledge that people who are more familiar with the series as a whole might have quite a lot of insights into the ongoing story that I don’t. That said, I don’t think that can negate some of my larger problems with the series.

Red Vs Blue Season 11 02

Red Vs Blue sees the main characters, appropriately divided into different shades of red and blue armour, stranded together in a deserted canyon and generally forced to try to work together as best they can until help arrives. The overall plot moves incredibly slowly, generally overlooked for a series of jokes that rarely stray from the following templates: A stupid person does something stupid, fairly unsubtle penis jokes, fairly unsubtle masturbation jokes, people don’t understand the only Spanish-speaking character who makes a lot more sense and offers real insight into their problems, homophobia, stupid person does something intelligent… for stupid reasons. The cultural references and the fact that all the characters can clearly be seen as part of the Halo franchise are really all that separates this series from a fairly standard risqué sitcom in the 80s. There’s a plot that stretches far more than it needs to about a great number of robots being assembled and undermining the command infrastructure of the Red and Blue teams, as well as causing some instability in their alliance.

Red Vs Blue Season 11 05

The entire season lasts for about two hours and the plot barely moves at all until the last twenty or so minutes. The rest of the series is mostly made up of physical gags, a series of flashbacks showing each character making some fairly significant mistakes to affect their current situation and the previously given list of interchangeable jokes. It’s possible that Red Vs Blue has simply begun to lose some of its originality after ten seasons, though anyone who’s stuck with it this long shouldn’t have much of an issue with its brand of humour. At the end of the day, it’s just for someone deeply invested in watching the antics of these crazed fools and anyone who might have thought it would be a good idea to jump in at Season 11 can safely abandon any such idea.

Red Vs Blue Season 11 04

Red Vs Blue Season 11 is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday June 29th 2015 from Animatsu Entertainment. Anyone not familiar with this show, or who likes an element of sophistication with their jokes, should probably try to avoid it.



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