Review- Assassination Classroom Volume 03

Anime Reporter heads on back to the class where anything less than killing your teacher is a failing grade for Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (chapters 17-25). Now, just in case you haven’t come across this series before, you can find my reviews of the first two volumes here and here

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (4).

We’re just getting to the point of serious story development so heed the following bizarre merman’s message of spoiler-awareness!

manga Spoiler

When Volume 02 finished up, there was a spot of trouble involving the kidnapping of two students and, with Korosensei distracted by the plethora of activities available on the class trip to Kyoto, there aren’t a lot of options. The students in the same group as the kidnapped girls follow Korosensei’s all purpose handy-dandy guide to school trips to track down the despicable kidnappers. This storyline also means the beginning of a new tone for the series. While Assassination Classroom has thus far used quite a lot of innocent humour and silliness to charm readers, things start to touch on some very dark material here and it’s hard to shake that tone even after this particular plotline ends. That’s not to say that the series loses its charm, but it becomes harder to feel comfortable that storylines might not divert into a grittier, or more adult place.

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (2)

What follows for the majority of the volume’s remainder are a few shorter plots including a sniper’s repeated attempts to take Korosensei out while the students are enjoying a variety of activities. There’s also word that two new assassins are to be introduced to the class as official students and, though we’re only treated to one such appearance so far, though, it’s enough to get excited about. This series has showcased top-notch imagination from the very beginning and this student’s first arc shows that that well is far from trapped, matched only by Korosensei’s insistence on teaching and inspiring each and every one of his students.

And looking good doing it.

And looking good doing it.

The final plot in the volume sees Irina, (also known by a less than flattering nickname by her language students), confronted by her old master who thinks it’s time for her to call it quits. Korosensei wouldn’t quite be the teacher, nor the octopus-thingy that he is if he let her go that easily. You can bet there’s a fight brewing for volume 04!

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (18)

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 is currently available in English and has been for a wee while now. I’d recommend checking it out.

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (7)

Plots:                                       8

Humour:                                  8.5

Character Development:           8.5

Conflict:                                   7.5

Action:                                     8

Assassination Classroom Volume 03 (19)

81% – Takes No Prisoners – Assassination Classroom up the intensity, offering a more mature, and darker side to the series. Thats not to say it leaves its comedic roots behind, but it firmly reminds you that its a game of life and death, and maybe more. Something tells me this series isnt nearly done being surprising.

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