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Review- Toriko manga Volume 28

Who’s hungry for another helping of gourmet-based battle manga? Well, I only have one helping so you’ll have to share, I’m afraid. This is Anime Reporter covering the events of Toriko manga Volume 28 (chapters 244-253). So, while the last

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Review- Dragon Ball Z Kai Series 01

Dragon Ball Z is a series which should need no introductions. It’s a staple of the anime genre and a true fan favourite. If you’re considering watching Dragon Ball Z any time soon, I’d highly recommend reading on first. Well

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Why Nintendo is a Great Storyteller

Okay, so this is a little bit of a rehash of an older article. I guess I’d like to think of it as version 2.0 of my article on how I came to love the Zelda franchise so much. In

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Review- Bleach Season 16 (The Lost Agent Arc) Part 01

It truly is the beginning of the end as Anime Reporter covers Part One (episodes 343-354) of Bleach Season 16, the final season of the series. (Which you can win a FREE copy of here!) If Season 15 felt like

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Review- Tokyo Ghoul manga Volume 01

Anime Reporter devoured the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul and now I’m going to inflict my opinion on anyone who feels like reading this review of their own free will. Tokyo Ghoul is a phenomenally popular series and this first

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Competition Time! Bleach Series 16 Part 1 DVD Giveaway!

Hey there, do you like (the anime) Bleach? I sure hope so, because, courtesy of the wonderful folks at Manga Entertainment, Anime Reporter is giving away a copy of Bleach Season 16 Part One (episodes 343-354). Season 16, or The

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A Quick Reaction to the Deadpool Leaked Trailer- R-rated (July 2015)

Well, San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and there have already been some truly tasty morsels released. I’m not going to pretend I’m not excited about what Batman Vs Superman has to offer, but what I really want to

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Why I Love Lego (Old and New)

Anime Reporter, (but you can call me Ronan), returns to The Reporter’s Desk to tell you why a man in his mid-twenties loves Lego. I remember as a boy, I don’t remember exactly what age, but probably somewhere between 6

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 04

Anime Reporter returns to the school where “term” is short for “terminal” with Assassination Classroom Volume 04 (chapters 26-34). Anyone entirely unfamiliar with the series can find my review of the first volume here and can find a picture of

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Review- Samurai Brides- the Complete Collection (Ecchi, Fan-service, Nudity, NSFW)

Anime Reporter scratches his head over Samurai Bride: the Complete Collection (12 episodes), the sequel to Samurai Girls, and brought to you by Kobun, the director of the original series and the studio behind not just Samurai Girls but also

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