A Quick Reaction to the Deadpool Leaked Trailer- R-rated (July 2015)

Well, San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and there have already been some truly tasty morsels released. I’m not going to pretend I’m not excited about what Batman Vs Superman has to offer, but what I really want to talk about right now is Deadpool. Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds.

(seriously though, this trailer is R-rated, so, heads up)

It’s blurry and it’s small and it’s occasionally obscured, but this is what a Deadpool movie is meant to look like. Crude, fairly offensive, delightfully cheeky, violent, cartoonish, over the top and self-aware. You go, Glenn Coco!

I remember when Wolverine: Origins was coming out and I heard that Ryan Reynolds was all set to play Deadpool. I remember thinking that just maybe this guy could do it. His ability to crack wise was well established and he could certainly pull off that self-effacing charm that forms a huge part of Deadpool’s hilarity. This, I thought, could be something great. Now, if you haven’t seen Wolverine Origins, then I envy you. It’s bad. It’s a bad movie. The plot is fairly bland, a lot of the characters are stale and, even in a movie about superpowers, the action feels generic. The greatest insult of all was delivered to Deadpool fans worldwide towards the end of the film when Ryan Reynolds’ character, who’d received a passable amount of characterisation as a pre-Deadpool version of Wade Wilson, his civilian identity, reappeared. “Deadpool”, appeared onscreen, looking almost suitably bumpy and melted for the character, but with his mouth permanently sealed up, laser vision, swords that grow out of his arms and the power to teleport in addition to the character’s traditional healing ability. The cherry on top of this truly abysmal sundae was the fact that the character was apparently being mind-controlled, taking out any chance for his trademark personality to shine even while muted.

This... is not Deadpool.

This… is not Deadpool.

When I heard that Ryan Reynolds was trying to make a solo Deadpool movie, I wasn’t excited. I’d heard that he was disappointed with the way the character was portrayed and wanted to do it right, but somehow, I couldn’t get my hopes up about it. Deadpool is one of my all time favourite comic book characters. I love his sheer irreverence, his wacky humour and the fact he deals with so much crap that the world throws at him and decides to give some crap back when he can, but also to have a heart, an innocent heart a lot of the time, and then bounce back to ogling boobs and making his own sound effects as he disembowels an entire room.

This is Deadpool.

This is Deadpool.

That’s why the test footage got my hopes up again.

This test footage.

It was violent, crazy, bizarre, clever and true to character and I’m so happy to see that the trailer captures so much of the same.


Thank you, Ryan Reynolds, I was wrong to ever doubt you.

(There’s no way in hell Ryan Reynolds is going to read my anime blog, but I’d feel like such a heel if he did and I didn’t make amends.)


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