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Review- Vampire Hunter D (1985) (Some mild nudity)

Anime Reporter dials back the anime clock thirty years to 1985 to review Vampire Hunter D (apologies to everyone that I just made feel their age), the animated film adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s novel series. This film is one of

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Why I Came to Love Doctor Who (Thank you Sean, Meabh and Sarah!)

Anime Reporter goes somewhat off-animation topic now to tell you precisely why, how, when and, to an extent, where I became a fan of Doctor Who. It’s odd, really, that it took me so long, because I’ve never really shied

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Review- Princess Mononoke (1997)

Anime Reporter sets off towards the Miyazaki-rich land of Studio Ghibli to bring you my take (not take you my bring) on Princess Mononoke, the mythology-rich 1997 anime adventure. Set during the Muromachi period in Japan (some time from the

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Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 05

Anime Reporter returns to the classroom for Assassination Classroom Volume five (That’s chapters 35-43 in case you were wondering). The action continues on without skipping a beat from the events of Volume 04 (reviewed here). If you’re brand new to

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Review- The Host (2006)

Anime Reporter takes a look at a bit of Korean film now with 2006’s The Host (No, not the Stephanie Meyer film of the same film). This monster film broke all sorts of records in its own country and has

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The Saga Project 001- One Piece arc 001- Romance Dawn

Anime Reporter kicks off the Saga Project with the very first arc of One Piece: Romance Dawn. The Romance Dawn arc makes up the very first seven chapters of the series and are all contained within the very first Volume,

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Review- Naruto Box Set 21- Fourth Great Ninja War

Anime Reporter brings you the early events of the Fourth Great Ninja War with Naruto Box Set 21 (episodes 258-270). If you’d like the chance to win a FREE copy of this box set, just click here and enter our

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