New Manga Review Project- The Saga Project

Okay, it’s possible that this title is going to make this seem a lot more mysterious than it perhaps should, so I’m just going to get straight to it. The Saga Project is Anime Reporter’s endeavour to provide manga reviews of entire story arcs, particularly focusing on two of my all-time favourite series’ One Piece and Naruto. While I’ve always loved both of these series, I didn’t want to jump into a review at Volume 60 and I certainly wasn’t sure if I should go back to Volume 01 of each series and slowly crawl through them.

Naruto manga cover

So here it is, the best compromise I can make, I’m going back to the beginnings of both of these series’ and I’m going to review them both one story arc at a time, using each story arc as a chapter of the larger sagas at play. Many of these reviews are going to be based on the re-re-reading of storylines and many of them will come from a perspective that has already seen how some of these plot-points develop later in the series but, being the busy little anime reporter I am, I actually haven’t yet finished Naruto, nor am I up to date with One Piece’s current publication so I will eventually be exploring some new territory as well.

One Piece manga cover

None of this is to say that I’ll be stopping my reviews of more recent manga titles as they’re published. The idea is that the Saga Project will become just a more specific, and often lengthier and more detailed, subsection of the manga reviews you already find here and in a way that’s perhaps more useful for people who want to catch up with either of these series’ quickly or even just want a quick reminder on some of the things that have come before. As this project progresses, I’m sure I’ll add more titles to the list, but for now, I’m really just looking forward to re-reading some One Piece.

Romance Dawn, here I come!

Wish me luck,


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