Review- Fairy Tail Collection 04

Anime Reporter brings you the news on Fairy Tail Collection Four! Fairy Tail Collection Four contains episodes 73-96 of the series (Think of it as Part 7 and Part 8 combined) and takes up almost the entirety of the third season.

Fairy Tail Collection 04 01
Collection Four sees things take an unusual twist as Wendy, Natsu, Happy and Carla find something not quite right about the world around them.

Oh, also. Spoilers!

Oh, also. Spoilers!

That’s rather because they’ve ended up in Edolas, a world with a few things in common and quite a few differences as well. Edolas is also a world of magic, but, while our beloved Fairy-Tailians, (I don’t care if it’s not the right term, that’s what I’m calling them today), might be used to using magic at will, in this world it’s a little bit different.

Fairy Tail Collection 04 05
In Edolas, magic is a dwindling resource, used to power only the most expensive or machines and weapons, and it’s certainly not something a person can use in the same super-powery fashion as our favourite wizard’s guild. That’s not to say that Edolas doesn’t have its own version of Fairy Tail, but things are just a little bit different with each member.

Fairy Tail Collection 04 07
Make no mistake, this isn’t simply a merry trek through Wonderland. Our fearless heroes have come to Edolas with an important mission; their own version of Fairy Tail has disappeared into this dimension and they’ll need to track it down. In a world where Natsu can’t create flames and none of their magic works the way it’s supposed to, you can bet there’s one serious challenge ahead. (Also, there are loads of talking cats. Like, just a ton. It’s cool.)

Fairy Tail Collection 04 09
This collection takes our heroes out of their comfort zones and actually brings them into conflict with some other versions of their friends and teammates, maybe even themselves. There’s action, there’s mystery, comedy and, naturally, some of that Fairy Tail originality. There’s a lot going on in the world of Edolas, providing both answers to old questions, but also a hefty heap of brand new questions into the mix.

Fairy Tail Collection 04 06
This series excels in terms of its imagination and conflicts; this is where it kicks into high gear. Fairy Tail is tremendously enjoyable and original series and this collection brings you a truly great example of why that is.

Fairy Tail Collection 04 08
Fairy Tail Collection Four is available now on DVD in the UK and Ireland, from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment, so what are you waiting for? Get it while you can!

Fairy Tail Collection 04 10


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