Review- Bleach Series 14: the Complete Collection

Anime Reporter takes a moment to bring you the news on Bleach Series 14 (episodes 292-316), released for the first time as a single collection by the fine folks at Manga Entertainment. (Incidentally, if you’d like the chance to WIN a FREE copy of this collection, you can enter Anime Reporter’s DVD Giveaway competition HERE before September 21st)

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 02

We’re around the 300 episode mark here, so, yeah… Spoilers.

Spoiler Warning

This collection tells the second half of the arc known as Fall of the Arrancar, so you can pretty safely expect an end to one of the series’ long-standing villainous groups. Actually, by the time this collection kicks off, the arrancar have already really been whittled down to just a couple of players, most notably Aizen, the biggest bad of them all. Though Ichigo’s been training hard to hone his Hollow powers, but it’s still going to take the captains of all the different squads covering his back to get the job done.

Bleach Series 14 01

This truly is the end of a huge era in Bleach, so when it comes to an end there’s an understandable amount of fallout and of Ichigo struggling to piece himself together after some seriously intense fighting. After the dust of the Arrancar fights have settled, it’s back to more classic fare, with Ichigo fighting off hollows, and also doing a bit of Tim Burton style hallucinating in the midst of it all.

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 01

(I’m not trying to imply that Tim Burton hallucinates, just that Ichigo’s hallucinations take after his motif, but I’m sure you picked up on that).

Bleach Series 14 02

This collection has it all, the intense action that this series thrives on, the bitter clash of longstanding enemies, quite truly the end of an era, but also a happy helping of humorous side stories taking some of the pressure off the narrative. While Series 14 isn’t quite coming up on the end of this series, it is quite some distance from its beginnings and these side stories form a golden opportunity to reflect on some of the characters that were slightly left to the side during some more urgent Soul Society-based arcs.

Bleach Series 14 Part 02 08

Bleach Series 14 will be available in the UK and Ireland on DVD from Manga Entertainment from September 21st 2015 and, again, if you’d like to get your hands on a free copy of the collection, try entering our competition here by September 21st!


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