Review- The Comic Artist & His Assistants

Anime Reporter brings you the verdict on The Comic Artist & His Assistants, the Complete Collection, currently available from the good people at Animatsu Entertainment on DVD. The Comic Artist & His Assistants consists of 12 episodes and 6 OVAs, adding up to just over three and a half hours of content.

The Comic Artist & His Assisstants 04

Fair warning, this series could have just as easily been called The Complete Pervert and the Girls He’s Obsessed With, so bear that in mind before reading on. The premise of the series is pretty straightforward; a manga artist, utterly obsessed with panties and the female anatomy is surrounded by female drawing assistants and editors who tolerate/encourage/share his perverse behaviour to varying degrees. This means occasionally groping their own breasts so he can get a clear idea of how that would look from a certain angle before he draws it into his manga, or tip-toeing around his giant collection of porno magazines and women’s panties.

The Comic Artist & His Assisstants 03

Now on to the actual plot; I just described it to you. It was the premise. This series doesn’t actually move past the concept of a perverted artist and the girls he lusts after, or develop beyond getting them into strange misunderstandings where he’s doing something pervy and assumed to be doing something even more perverse, or, strangely, the tables turn and these girls who are generally uninterested in him become the perverse-predators. Each episode is typically made up of two or three smaller stories and… frankly this is a little hard to watch. While there’s no explicit nudity shown in this series (some shower scenes with private parts covered by objects/steam/ a cat with a bra on its head), there are quite a lot of references to the underwear and sexuality of younger female characters. There are plenty of anime series out there which feature sexuality as a key part of the story; this one managed to make this anime reporter uncomfortable while avoiding graphic abuse.

The Comic Artist & His Assisstants 06

The Comic Artist and His Assistants has some humourous elements, but no real storyline and it really exists to serve the same desire that its main character has; to showcase panty shots and deliver absurd sexual fantasies. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this series, but chances are, if this is your type of show, then my description will have already let you know that.

The Comic Artist & His Assisstants 07

See you next time!


The Comic Artist & His Assisstants 01


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