Review- Bleach Series 16 Part 02

Anime Reporter brings you the news on Bleach Series 16 Part 02 (episodes 355-366), the end of the Bleach anime and a fond farewell to all the Soul Reaping action therein.

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 07

Naturally, with this being the final twelve episodes of the series, there are going to be some spoilers here, so, you know, here’s Usopp with a Spoiler Alert:

Spoiler Warning

Where the last collection finished off saw Ichigo training fiercely to access an entirely new type of power, having been cut off from his Soul Reaper abilities. This power, known as Full Bringer, has some interesting new advantages, but his task is a dangerous one. Not only is the training all too deadly, but there’s a pretty vile individual known as Tsukishima who’s able to brainwash the people around him and turn Ichigo’s allies to his side. This villain won’t rest until he can take Ichigo’s power and destroy his life. So, you know, suitably high stakes and all that.

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 02

While the intense battles are pretty par for the course in this series, this time the battles manage to impact on both sides of Ichigo’s life, really risking everything he’s built in the Soul Society but also endangering his relationships in the human world and the lives of so many of his friends and allies. There’s action, there’s humour but mostly there’s drama, as Ichigo learns a pretty heavy secret about exactly what it means to be a Substitute Soul Reaper.

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 01

All in all, this collection really is a fond and loving goodbye to this hard-hitting series. It’s fairly well known that many anime fans think that this series has continued on for a few series too many and that it perhaps should have finished up gracefully a while back. Whatever your feelings on the lifespan of this series, it’s nonetheless the case that this finale is a fine tribute to the series as a whole and a well thought out farewell to it.

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 08

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 is available on DVD in the UK and Ireland from Manga Entertainment from today and may just be the goodbye that Bleach deserves.

Bleach Series 16 Part 02 04


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