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Review- Ghost in the Shell: Arise- Borders 3 & 4

Anime Reporter turns now to the cybernetic world of police investigation for Ghost in the Shell: Arise- Borders 3 &4. For anyone unfamiliar with Arise, they’re a series of OVAs in the Ghost in the Shell series and it’s certainly

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Review- One Punch Man manga Volume 01

Anime Reporter heads into new manga territory now for the first volume of One Punch Man (chapters, or “punches” 1-8, plus a bonus chapter). This series, as a rather cunning reader might well work out, follows a superhero with an

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Review- Coppelion- the Complete Series

Anime Reporter brings the word on Coppelion, the complete series (episodes 1-13). This series is short but packs quite a lot of punch as it follows three genetically engineered teens taking on the dangers of a radioactive wasteland to save

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 30

Anime Reporter sets off once more with Toriko and co. for Volume 30 of the manga series (chapters 264-272). The last volume ended with a few loose threads to be resolved, but don’t expect a tremendous amount of satisfaction there.

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DVD Giveaway- 9th-16th November: Mirai Nikki: Future Diary- Complete Collection 01

How quickly will the bodies hit the floor in the first thirteen episodes of this bizarre series where a group of disturbed and scarred people are thrown into an unreal deathmatch. Each combatant’s psychosis can be transformed into a great

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DVD Giveaway! 9th-16th November- Blade and Soul Complete Collection

Alka is an assassin on a journey of vengeance against the demonic woman who killed her master. Her journey goes against her master’s wish for her to have a life of peace and she grapples with her conscience as much

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 29

Anime Reporter heads back to the long-overlooked area of manga reviews to take a gander at Toriko manga Volume 29, (chapters 254-263). This Volume sees the end of the Human World arc so if the words ‘Gourmet Fest’, ‘IGO’, ‘Gourmet

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Spotlight of Shame- The Room

Anime Reporter takes the first of what may prove to be many looks at my top choices of what I consider to be truly horrible movies. We’re starting off with a movie that won’t surprise anyone at being called a

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One Day Left!- Danganronpa Complete Collection DVD Giveaway!

High school can be tough. Getting good grades and graduating can be painful. At Hope’s Peak Academy, it’s utter murder. You see, at this private school, they aim to prepare students for the very hardest challenges of life and that’s

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Review- Naruto the Movie- Road to Ninja

Anime Reporter sets off on a pretty interesting journey with Naruto: the Movie- Road to Ninja. This film was released in the UK and Ireland by the folks at Manga Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray towards the end of October,

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