Review- Toriko manga Volume 29

Anime Reporter heads back to the long-overlooked area of manga reviews to take a gander at Toriko manga Volume 29, (chapters 254-263). This Volume sees the end of the Human World arc so if the words ‘Gourmet Fest’, ‘IGO’, ‘Gourmet Corp’ or ‘food’ are unfamiliar to you, then you should probably avoid this review, as there will be spoilers. Also, learn what food is, because that’s quite important.

manga Spoiler

There have been more than a few big-scale fights in this story arc and this volume sees the conclusion of the fight between the president of the IGO and the big bad boss of Gourmet Corp, (or the Bishokukai, if you prefer the Japanese name). While it seemed like the fight was all but fought by the end of the last volume, there are still a few twists left to unfold, though it’s worth noting that the first chapter of the volume is titled “A Sad End!!” so be prepared for… well, one of those.

Toriko Volume 29 04

The rest of the volume deals with the fallout of the attack on Gourmet Fest, both worldwide and more personally on our main characters. The blowout from Gourmet Corp’s attack has left the world with a shortage of its very top quality chefs. The attack also featured a global assault which has left the global economy, food supplies and even entire governments in disarray. Komatsu and the other elite chefs have been taken by Gourmet Corp and are having a lot of trouble adjusting to their perilous new situation. One of the biggest repercussions of all of this, naturally, lies with our protagonist, Toriko. The gourmet hunter we know and love has gone through his toughest battle to date, and his gourmet cells are reacting like never before. Toriko’s got some new power building up in his body, but it’s going to take a while to see his new potential. Something isn’t quite right, even as his body heals, and he may need a whole new reason to believe in himself as a fighter and a hunter before he can press on.

Toriko Volume 29 05Toriko, as a series, rarely fails to deliver a well rounded story. This volume sees humour and levity take a backseat for gravity and tension. It’s also a time for revelations. The good guys weren’t the only ones critically hurt by the battles at Gourmet Fest. Gourmet Corp not only lost a few strong fighters in its campaign, it’s also lost a hell of a lot of resources to a new opponent, the emerging group known as Neo. The plot is definitely thickening and shows no signs of slowing down as it builds up for a hell of a lot of plot to follow, which is why I’m particularly happy that this volume and the following one are already currently available in English.

Toriko Manga Volume 29 brings the Human World Arc to a hard-hitting finale but brings plenty of future developments that are undoubtedly going to escalate the plot and characters to whole new levels. Don’t dare miss it!

Toriko Volume 29 01


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