DVD Giveaway- 9th-16th November: Mirai Nikki: Future Diary- Complete Collection 01

How quickly will the bodies hit the floor in the first thirteen episodes of this bizarre series where a group of disturbed and scarred people are thrown into an unreal deathmatch. Each combatant’s psychosis can be transformed into a great source of power, while the nature of their gifts can leave them exposed to attack and exploitation.

This collection is available from November 16th from the charismatic crew at Manga Entertainment and one lucky ani-fan will get their hands on a free copy of the collection.

-All you have to do is e-mail animereporter@outlook.com with your name and your favourite anime weapon.

-The winner will be selected after November 16th and will be e-mailed to request your address. As all entrants must be UK residents, please don’t enter if you don’t have a UK address that the prize can be sent to.

And that’s it! That’s all you have to do!

If this series doesn’t grab your fancy, don’t forget to check out the Competitions section, where all of Anime Reporter’s contests and competitions are posted.

Good luck!



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