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Merry etc!

Hey there, anifans! I just wanted to post up a quick message to wish everyone a truly fantastic holiday, whether to you that’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, any other celebration, or no celebration at all. As for me, unlike

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Review- Magi- The Kingdom of Magic Part 02 (brief, mild nudity)

Anime Reporter returns to Magnostadt, for another lesson in wizardry and witchcraft, (Hogwarts, as it turns out, wants nothing to do with me), for the second half of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (episodes 14-25). Kingdom of Magic is the

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 31

Anime Reporter samples the delicacy of danger, as Toriko, Komatsu and the other Heavenly Kings make their first steps into Gourmet World as a team in Toriko Volume 31 (chapters 273-282).     Naturally, this being the 31st volume of

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A Few Reasons Why I Can’t Stand The Big Bang Theory

  Anime Reporter steers away from anime reviews now to talk about something entirely unanimated, from the good old USA. Nope, I’m not using this time to exclaim with joy about Samurai Jack’s return. I’m not even going to really

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The Saga Project 003- Gantz arc 001- Onion Alien Mission (Explicit Nudity, Graphic Violence, NSFW)

Anime Reporter heads to the world of intense manga for the first story arc of the 37 volumes of Gantz. The final volume was finally published in English about a month and a half ago, so this series is a prime candidate for the Saga Project. Fair warning, Gantz as a series has been around since 2000, but in terms of nudity, explicit violence and intense content (all of which adds up to majorly NSFW), this series might rank just a bit higher than Game of Thrones. Not for those seeking a mild manga experience.

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Review- One Punch Man manga Volume 03

  Anime Reporter returns to the superhero-satire that is One Punch Man for manga Volume 03 (chapters 16-20). This series is very much worth picking up, offering both originality and humour so I’d definitely recommend checking out Volume 01 if

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Review- Blade and Soul Complete Season

Anime Reporter brings you the verdict on Blade and Soul, the Complete Season Collection 9episodes 1-13). This series is based on a Korean MMORPG of the same name so you can certainly expect certain fantasy tropes and plenty of action

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Review: One-Punch Man manga Volume 02

Previously on Anime Reporter, (the name I have chosen as one who reports largely on anime, though clearly also on manga, as well as film, video games and whatever else I feel like), One Punch Man Volume 01 was reviewed

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