Review- Blade and Soul Complete Season

Anime Reporter brings you the verdict on Blade and Soul, the Complete Season Collection 9episodes 1-13). This series is based on a Korean MMORPG of the same name so you can certainly expect certain fantasy tropes and plenty of action and questing.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (13)

The series follows Alka, an assassin from the Clan of the Blade. She’s sworn to seek revenge for the death of her master, though, she doesn’t actually feel too strongly about it. She doesn’t really feel anything too strongly, apparently, having learned to remove all traces of emotion from herself. She’s pretty much only looking for vengeance because that’s a pretty substantial part of the oath she took as an assassin. Alka is pretty short on leads as to who killed her master, but she knows it’s related to the empire of Palam, and she’s none too high on their list of good buddies either. Bearing a pretty distinctive mark in the shape of a butterfly, Alka is wanted across a whole lot of lands with a hefty bounty on her head.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (15)

Still, the Palam Empire doesn’t have many fans so while there will be a few characters after the reward for her capture, there are just as many willing to help her out along her way. There’s action, there’s plenty of drama, there’s… a pretty inadvisable amount of cleavage and bare skin on display for a desert climate, but don’t worry, the animators are careful to focus directly on any available breasts in the area so you can reassure yourself that they’re not being burned by the cruel desert sun.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (2)

All in all, this series delivers pretty much what you’d expect from the cover, action, adventure and many, many scantily-clad women. The characters aren’t overly well developed unfortunately, and it’s hard to relate much to a protagonist whose main feature is that she’s an emotionless killing machine. The animation is pretty well executed for the most part though it can suffer from inconsistency in its line work and there’s occasionally some overly digitised background action going on which is more distracting than anything.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (11)

Blade and Soul certainly delivers on its promise of blades, with plenty of blood spilled, never really shying away from a gushing artery or three. It doesn’t massively live up to its potential in the soul department though, offering pretty formulaic and unoriginal turns at character development and supporting characters.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (5)

It’s enjoyable, it’s watchable, I’m just not convinced that it’s entirely memorable. Still, if you were drawn to this review by the suggestive nature of the cover art, you’re probably going to enjoy it. (Though probably not as much as you’d enjoy High School DxD, Magi, or other fanservice series)

Blade and Soul Complete Season (18)

Blade and Soul: The Complete Season Collection is currently available on DVD and Bluray from the fine folks at Animatsu Entertainment. For more info, don’t forget to check out the Animatsu website.

Blade and Soul Complete Season (19)


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