Review- Assassination Classroom manga Volume 06, (which is a review of the sixth volume of the manga, Assassination Classroom, done by me on this site.)

Anime Reporter heads back to class for Volume 06 of Assassination Classroom (chapters 44-52). If you aren’t familiar with the previous volumes in this series, you can check out my reviews here to get the general idea. Otherwise be warned, there are spoilers ahead because we’re diving right in to Volume 06!

manga Spoiler
Having put the pieces together last volume, the would-be assassins of Class E have ascertained that their bizarre teacher has a rather strange reaction to water. They’re all eager to see how they can make use of this and their star swimmer has a pretty sweet plan up her sleeves. The only problem is that she’s pretty hindered by a lead-weight of a student from another class and a whole mess of guilt. Korosensei himself might just have to step in with some fairly bizarre swimming lessons to get his students back on the path to killing him once and for all.

Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 3a
Following this, the story rests momentarily on three students in Class E who just haven’t bothered to get with the programme. In particular, the leader of the trio, a bully called Terasaka, is pretty ticked off with the whole arrangement, going so far as to vandalise the brand new pool Korosensei went and set up. There’s quite a bit more to his rebellion than first glance suggests though, and the stage is just being set for something much more sinister to come.

Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 (6)
Yep, yep! He’s back! Korosensei’s less hug-friendly sibling has a new strategy and it’s a pretty good one, with just one or two minor flaws. You know what to expect from another Korosensei-Itona clash so brace yourself! I won’t give away the big details of this conflict but it’s really well put together and, as always with this series, takes the chance for some growth and attention on some of the less developed students.

Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 8a
Once that’s wrapped up, it’s on to something that Korosensei takes more seriously than life or death battles, and that’s exams. The semester finals are upon the school and Korosensei has some big expectations for Class E, but offers a pretty exciting incentive. If Class E can manage to meet his standards, he’ll offer up a hugely significant handicap in the whole “kill your teacher” game, so the stakes are pretty high.

Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 1aThat isn’t to say that they can’t get even higher though! The cream of the crop that is Class A are butting heads directly with our loveable murderous misfits and the stakes, high though they were, as I’m sure you’ll recall me having mentioned just a moment ago… they get higher… right, so that’s… I oversold that concept… I see that now. In any case, there’s a lot riding on these exams, but the volume cuts out just before they start so, let’s take a look at what this volume offered.


Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 (7)
We have action, naturally. It doesn’t overwhelm the story, just occurring in short bursts, so this doesn’t feel like epic faceoff time, more just quick spars that remind you of what this series is all about. We also have the student-development that the series has made its hallmark and there’s just a little bit of that golden sense of humour that makes it stand out so much.

Assassination Classoom manga Volume 06 (10)
So, what are you waiting for? (I’m assuming that you’ve been waiting for this review to read the volume, even though it came out some time ago. Please don’t correct me, my ego is fragile). Get on out there and pick up your copy of Assassination Classroom manga Volume 06 today!

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