Review- Naruto the Last Movie, a film about love and stopping the end of the world.

Anime Reporter… Anime Reporter… Okay, so… basically… (I can do this)… Anime Reporter pulls himself together to bring you the word on The Last Naruto Movie, which is exactly what it sounds like. While a lot of films of anime series exist outside the continuity of their series, this one takes full advantage of its position at the very end of this story and ties up a few loose ends into a rather beautiful bow. Naturally, this means that there are some spoilers here for anyone who isn’t entirely caught up with the series, but it’s also a rather wonderful end on top of the series’ finale.

Spoiler Warning

This film is set about two years after the Great Ninja War with Naruto looking a bit taller, sporting a more conservative haircut and generally commanding the respect and love of his village and really the entire shinobi world. That said, there’s one person who loves him more than any other, and she has really since the beginning of the series. Naruto fans who’ve only seen the first season or two (shame on you for skipping past the spoiler tag!) and completionists who even made it through the occasional filler season are all likely to equally guess the name Hinata. The quiet, shy girl who believed in Naruto before anyone else did, who learned to be brave to fight at his side and who came to his aid at some of his darkest moments. She’s ready (again) to make her feelings known to Naruto.

… If she can get through the hordes of admirers bringing him gifts for the upcoming festival or even just vying for the chance to take a photograph with him. While a younger Naruto might have been swayed or even allowed himself to become cocky with this attention, this older version just seems content to have friends and a peaceful life. Naturally, the peaceful part doesn’t last too long as a rather pale dude who calls himself Toneri is intent on making the moon crash to Earth, destroying it all and for that, he needs Hinata.

Naruto and the usual band of Shinobi comrades take off after Hinata and her captors, having to stare down some moments from the past along the way. Moments which may or may not have had this Anime Reporter whispering ‘Wake up you fool, she loves you!’ at the screen many times across the series. Anyone who saw the series to its very end or is familiar with the name Boruto will most probably know how this story ends, but it’s so very worth seeing it happen for anyone who let themselves get invested in these characters, for even a moment.

The Last Naruto Movie (or ‘The Last: Naruto the Movie’ as it’s also known) is just another heartfelt goodbye to this character and his journey. From the very beginning, Naruto has been a series about growing older, developing as a person and the paths that our choices lead us on. It is so rewarding to see Naruto in this film, composed, courageous and strong, both in his manner as a person and in the way he fights as a warrior. He’s come a long way from the headstrong fool he started out as and this film showcases that perfectly without laying it on too thick. This might just be the perfect goodbye to Naruto Uzumaki… at least for now.

The Last Naruto Movie is currently available on DVD and Bluray in the UK and Ireland from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment and this film is as worthy a part of your anime collection as the final chapter is worthy of being in any book.

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