Image Comic + Humble Bundle- A pretty awesome way to get a whole bunch of great comics!

Hey hey there, anifans! Today, Anime Reporter takes a little bit of a break from the worlds of anime and manga to talk about something I recently stumbled across; a nifty little site called Humble Bundle. This rather cool little site started up in 2010 and offers massive discounts on big bundles of things like video games, audio books and, in particular relevance to this post; e-comics. What’s more interesting is that, out of all the money given to the website, it gives you the chance to decide how much of the money should go to the site itself, how much to the parent company of the games, book or comics, and how much should go to a preselected charitable cause.


The idea behind Humble Bundle seems pretty simple, you donate some money, really, any amount of money that you want, whether it’s one cent or anything a whole lot more. Your donation will net you a whole bundle of treats, most commonly in the form of different video games, but it’s the Image Comics offer that I really want to talk about. For anyone not familiar with Image Comics, they’re pretty much the go-to American comic book company for people who are tired of Marvel or DC. Unlike those companies, Image places a huge emphasis on giving credit and creative control to its writers, meaning that characters belong to the people who made them and the emphasis is on giving the storytellers fair compensation and allows writing a series to be a chance to tell an epic, ongoing story, rather than just having a new writer every 6 months to present another story of Spider-man trying to remember what exactly it is that comes with great power. Image titles include such heavyweights as Spawn, The Walking Dead, Saga and Invincible (and boy, could I talk at Invincible… in fact I imagine I probably will as a future article. For now, I’ll just say that it’s the finest ongoing superhero in Western comics in my opinion).


The Image Comics Humble Bundle has just over 4 days left, at the time of this post, before it expires. As I said earlier, donating any amount of money will give you the chance to download a hefty heap of great titles, but what’s really interesting is the average donated figure. As long as you donate a single cent over the average donation (currently around 15 dollars), you’ll get access to even more premium comic volumes and any donation over 20 dollars will get you the finest batch of all, estimated at over 300 dollars worth of comic books to download. Titles on offer include Volumes 4 and 5 of Saga, a massive hit of a space opera series, the first Invincible Compendium (47 issues), as well as a host of volumes from original series like Bitch Planet, Wolf, Wytches, Sunstone, Just the Tips and Kaptara.


In short, if you’re a fan of Image Comics (which offer such a wide spectrum of titles that it would be hard not to be) or if you’ve never heard of them before but want to check out some new titles and maybe help out a worthy cause at the same time, I’d really recommend hitting up the Humble Bundle website. It’s also definitely worth checking it out for a heap of deals so check back time and again to see what’s available.

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