I’m kind of going to talk about Detective Conan now because it’s about bloody time!

Anime Reporter breaks a rather unnecessary, unintentional and self-inflicted silence on something that perhaps should have been said a long time ago and also pretends to talk to himself.

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Okay, so here’s the truth. A long time back, (you know, within the context of the almost two years that I’ve been writing here at animereporter.com, so like, anywhere between 9 and 15 months ago I guess), I said to myself “Anim-” (because only my parents call me by my full name) “Anim”, I said, “it’s well true time that you started getting ahead of the game. You love reading manga and you hate waiting, so why don’t you read as much as you want, reviewing it as you go and build up a nice healthy-sized reserve of reviews so that you’re never caught out by a deadline.”

“Repor”, I responded to my esteemed and sophisticated companion, “you’ve hit the nail on the head, you really have. I’ll start reading a new series now, in addition to the ones I’m currently reviewing, and save them up as a nice pile of reviews waiting to happen and then my life will become tremendously more organised, success, money and, I assume large amounts of Lego and Lego-themed video games will naturally flow to me and all will be as it should.”

“Anim, you’ve read my mind, you glorious, insightful rogue!”

This conversation, which thereafter mainly just consisted of exchanging compliments with myself, would continue for several hours, so it is perhaps best to simply sum it up by adding that I’d heard a lot of really good things about Detective Conan, (also known as Case Closed), so I decided to use that for doing these extra reviews in addition to the series I was regularly publishing reviews on at the time. So I read Detective Conan. Like, a lot of it. I tracked down as many consecutive volumes as I could and pored over them with my morning coffee every day when I’d stop off at a café on my way to work (I know, right, can you believe that posting two, or occasionally three articles/reviews a week isn’t my full-time gig?).

Within a few weeks, I’d torn through reams of the series, writing notes on each volume, noting character development, story arcs, humour, the quality and style of the mysteries in each story and all sorts of details and opinions. This was back in the days when I’d also give series a score based on five factors, so they all had marks and final responses with increasingly lame puns beside their totals on the theme of detectives, mysteries and murders. I took all of these notes down in a special notebook I used just for my anime and manga reviews and let them amass. I was not, however, turning these notes into fully fleshed out reviews and the pile waiting to be dealt with was quickly turning into quite a few months worth of posts. That said, I still had every intention of typing them up and unleashing them on the world, (or at least that rather small portion of the world that comes to this site and does it for reasons other that finding the Google results of the searches ‘Magi djinn blue boobs’ and ‘Highschool DxD nude/boobs/nackt’ (Yes, indeedy, thanks to the Google search data for how people came to my site, I now know the German word for ‘naked’)). I really did intend to get right to the matter of typing up my thoughts and opinions, but then…

Well, then I read Reborn!, which kind of, (as you’ll notice if you’ve read my reviews of Reborn!), blew me away. I loved the humour, I adored the characters and I thought it was original and so very interesting. I couldn’t wait until I’d typed up my thoughts on Conan to give my verdict on Reborn!, I’d burst! So, I reviewed Reborn!, right up to the final volume to be published in English, which, yes, as it happens, I’m still fairly bitter about because it really wasn’t the ending that the series deserved and there’s still so much material left to go from the original Japanese version… I’m getting off-topic, but I really do love that series.

And so it went on; I’d think about getting around to my many many reviews-in-waiting for Conan, and then some new series would catch my eye, or there’d be a new volume of Toriko or Blood Lad crying out to be read and eventually, I filled up that notebook and moved on to a new one and *cue ominous Lord of the Rings music* some things, which should not have been forgotten, were lost.

So, basically, I was thwarted by my own lack of an attention span. I really enjoyed reading Detective Conan. It’s a great series. A teen detective is attacked and poisoned with a special, untraceable new type of poison. It has the bizarre effect of, rather than killing him, shrinking him down to a younger age and he now has to investigate the mysterious organization behind his poisoning, as well as every other of the many unrelated murders that frequently happen around him, all while convincing his best friend and her father that he’s a completely different person (named Conan after Arthur Conan Doyle), and usually having to set it up for someone else to reveal the solution to a mystery, since nobody takes a kid seriously. It became a little bit formulaic for me, but that’s almost certainly got more to do with the fact that I was binge reading volume after volume for many weeks than with the series itself. I just couldn’t possibly review the series now from my original notes, even if I found them, because then I’d just be half-remembering my own impressions as I read and a mystery serial can so rarely grab me the second time around that it’s not really worth my going back now and re-reading it. Maybe in the future, when I’ve got less of an impression of the series in my mind, but can also re-absorb some of the old details I’ve most likely misplaced by now.

I remember that I thought the series was funny, and quite clever, not just in the wonderful, fresh mysteries of each story, but also in its character design, development and its very patient approach to advancing the story of how a teen detective ended up as a pipsqueak, though one with a razor sharp intellect.

So is this a review? Only kind of. I mean, I recommedn reading Detective Conan. It’s a great series and perfect for anyone who’s a fan of Sherlock Holmes style puzzles to unravel, with a lovely sense of humour thrown in. I suppose, more than being a review, this is just me talking about a little moment in my life, a peek behind the curtain, except that there’s mostly just dust and coffee mugs behind my curtains.

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