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My Reaction to the Latest Pokémon News!

Anime Reporter takes just a moment to process the latest announcement from Nintendo. Okay, so I haven’t exactly kept it a secret how much Pokémon was a part of my childhood. I got pretty obsessed with that whole situation early

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Why I Can’t Handle the Gravity Falls Finale and My Thoughts on Some of its Press

Anime Reporter is still not quite over the finale of Gravity Falls. Here’s why… So, some time in the past 6-9 months (I have no idea where I got that number from, but it’s probably accurate-ish) I stumbled across a

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Review- Toriko manga Volume 32- with great big flippin’ horses in it!

Anime Reporter is back to tell you about a little thing I like to call Toriko Volume 32. Many other people also like to all it that, because that’s its name, but really, I like calling it that more than

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Today’s Anime Reporter manga review…

… is not taking place, because… well, because I asked my girlfriend to marry me two days ago and, impossibly, she actually agreed! As you can understand, I have been just a wee bit too caught up in the moment

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Review- World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Anime Reporter joins the bad guys to review World Conquest- Zvezda Plot, the full series currently available in the UK and Ireland on DVD and Bluray from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment. We’ve seen it done before, a team

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Just a Quick Word on Deadpool- for anyone who’s been letting the hype get to them.

So, yesterday, I got to go see Deadpool. I’d been trying to quiet the voice of hype in my head since the trailers began because, let’s face it, the promotion on this movie has been insanely well done. I’m not

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Let’s Talk About My Favourite Webcomics, Shall We?

Anime Reporter spills the beans on some of my favourite webcomics out there at the moment. Well, it’s been said there’s a whole wide world out there and it’s hard to disagree. I’m always on the lookout for something neat

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Avatar- The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadows Parts 01 and 02. (It’s a comic, absolutely no M. Knight Shyamalan involvement, so don’t worry).

Anime Reporter talks the talk, (but doesn’t walk the walk because it’s cold outside and I have the flu right now) about Parts 1 and 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender- Smoke and Shadow, the official comic book follow-up to

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So I’ll just sit here and review One-Punch Man Volume 04, shall I?

Anime Reporter spares some thoughts on the latest volume of One-Punch Man to be published in English. One-Punch Man has been fairly knocking people’s socks off since its debut and, if you’ve read my reviews of the last three volumes,

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