Just a Quick Word on Deadpool- for anyone who’s been letting the hype get to them.

So, yesterday, I got to go see Deadpool. I’d been trying to quiet the voice of hype in my head since the trailers began because, let’s face it, the promotion on this movie has been insanely well done. I’m not going to review the film here because well, the word seems to be out on a pretty large scale already, this film nails it. It nails the character of Deadpool (all is forgiven for X:Men Origins Wolverine), Ryan Reynolds is on point, the humour, action, all of it is just exactly what it should have been.

I’m pretty much just here to say that, yes, as I was watching it, particularly for the first scene (not counting the brilliant opening credits), there were a lot of things that I’d seen in the trailers, which I’d also watched multiple times. There was a little feeling of nervousness creeping in as I saw these same scenes play out. What if I’d seen all the main parts already? What if all the best jokes had been put in the trailer? What if I’d let my anticipation of the movie become bigger than the movie could ever live up to?

Nah, I was fine! Really, this movie has a good story, but it’s a simple, even kind of small story and the real stars here are the personality, the violence and the tons of humour. My advice is pretty much just to let go of all the hype and give in to the quirky, crude, badass brilliance of it all.

The only way this film can disappoint you is if you’ve spent the last few months building an even better film in your head and you’re mentally watching that at the same time. This movie is everything it needed to be, so just relax and enjoy it!


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2 comments on “Just a Quick Word on Deadpool- for anyone who’s been letting the hype get to them.
  1. Sunite says:

    I’d give it a solid 8.5/10. It’s nowhere near any of the other large scale marvel films like Avengers, but it also didn’t disappoint. Did you manage to watch the teaser for the second one?

    • I did, as soon as I saw what he was wearing in the post credits scene,I turned to my girlfriend and said the next three lines of dialogue. I’m so excited for where they can go with it. I’d actually consider it better than a few off the more recent marvel movies

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