Review- World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Anime Reporter joins the bad guys to review World Conquest- Zvezda Plot, the full series currently available in the UK and Ireland on DVD and Bluray from the fine folks at Manga Entertainment.

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We’ve seen it done before, a team of heroes fights to stop an organisation of supervillains bent on taking over the world and ruling supreme. This show is… only kind of like that. Focusing on the bad guys, Zvezda, who fight against the champions of White Light, the Japanese government’s official superhero team. While the superhero team is made up largely of well-meaning kids who save the day as an after-school job, the bad guys are a little bit more varied, opting for a leader who looks like she should be spending all of her time watching cartoons rather than plotting to rule the globe, to generals who range from aging muscle-mountains to just blatant psychopaths.

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The series is a lot of fun, choosing to parody a lot of the conventions of what a supervillain is supposed to be, as well as introducing a plot that seems formulaic but pretty quickly teaches viewers to expect to be surprised. The leader of the Zvezda group, known as Kate, is a tough little character, but it’s clear that her intentions are based in more than just power, she actively seeks to make the world the way she thinks it should be. That said, she’s not above using fearsome super weapons, unnatural creatures and fear to try and make this happen. The effects and animation are pretty good when the time comes to show something exploding or a robotic transformation. It unfortunately falls flat when the time comes to show two people having a conversation and this actually starts the whole series off looking a little bit less interesting than it should.

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World Conquest- Zvezda Plot is twelve episodes of funny, dark, different Good-Vs-Evil battling from a perspective you may not have seen before. Check it out if you’re a bit tired of the same-old superhero formula but still want a hefty helping of weird costumes, over the top action and a pretty sweet heap of humour.

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