Review- Toriko manga Volume 32- with great big flippin’ horses in it!

Toriko manga Volume 32 01

Anime Reporter is back to tell you about a little thing I like to call Toriko Volume 32. Many other people also like to all it that, because that’s its name, but really, I like calling it that more than most. This volume (chapters 283-291) is currently available in English so if you like what you read, why not go out and get your copy today?

Toriko manga Volume 32 03



Well, all of our heroes (or food preparations specialists if you want to remove any poetry from your descriptions) are deep deep deep into Gourmet World now and they’re in search of all the ingredients they’ll need to make the dish known as “God”. As readers of the last volume will recall, Toriko and Co. had just come across the home turf of the Horse King Heracles. Having seen just one of these creatures earlier in the series, courtesy of Zebra, readers will know just how big a deal it is to meet the biggest and baddest of them all. We’re talking continent-smashing, Earth-grinding power here and our heroes are going to have to get past it if they want to have a chance at claiming the ingredient “Air”.


Toriko manga Volume 32 08

i.e. this bloody massive fruit.



This series has always excelled at upping the scale of opponents and fights, so this isn’t an utter surprise but this story manages to wrap up a couple of developments that readers may not have been expecting to see. One character is taking their power to a whole new level while there’s a very definite hint at another character’s development not yet entirely realised. The entire volume revolves around two ideas; one part of the group trying to hold off the king of the Heracles horses while the others are in pursuit. This being Gourmet World, there are two things we know: 1- The monsters and the environment are far more deadly than ever before and 2- the ingredients are totally beyond the food of Human World. This makes for brutal fights, but it also means that some characters’ gourmet cells may get the chance to expand further than ever before.

Toriko manga Volume 32 05

Without getting into spoilers, this volume is a great read, full of the action and conflict Toriko excels at.

Toriko manga Volume 32 09

But…. If you don’t mind a few spoilers and are perhaps just a little bit curious, then by all means, keep reading.

manga Spoiler


Well, we learn quite a bit about the Herac horses and their king, Heracles. This dude can live solely off his own breath and has the lung capacity to remove all the breathable air for miles around. Its power is insane and… Toriko chooses to stay behind and fight this beastie alone while the others try to harvest the Air Fruit they need to prepare the salad course for “God”. This fight, as even Toriko expects, is brief. Like instantaneous. One hit and Toriko is out for the count. But… there’s something Toriko didn’t know. You know that monster that lives inside Toriko? The one that personifies his appetite? The big red ogre with the huge fangs? Well… that dude isn’t alone.  There’s at least one more beast living inside Toriko waiting to come out and this one is on a whole other level. Other than these developments, the story works as a standard, but very well done, tale of fighting off a beast, Komatsu rising to the challenge of preparing a new ingredient and the wonderful cast of characters showing off more and more of their capabilities.

Toriko manga Volume 32 06

All in all, Toriko Volume 32 is a welcome addition to the collection, keeping true to classic form while advancing the plot ever so slightly and teasing just enough to keep readers ravenous for more! Don’t miss it!

Toriko manga Volume 32 04

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