My Reaction to the Latest Pokémon News!

Anime Reporter takes just a moment to process the latest announcement from Nintendo.

Okay, so I haven’t exactly kept it a secret how much Pokémon was a part of my childhood. I got pretty obsessed with that whole situation early on. I was hooked. By the time Pokémon Red and Blue came out in Ireland I was thinking about virtually nothing else. In fact, I convinced my parents to get me one of each copy for my birthday like a week later just so I could give the red version (squirtle, and therefore blastoise, was always my favourite pokémon) to my brother and we could trade with each other. Today, those same classic games, originally for the GameBoy, are coming to the 3DS and I’m pretty pumped to play them again. I mean, sure I could just wipe some of the dust of my GameBoy colour and play them, but I’m a sucker, so I’ll most likely be playing Yellow Version on my 3DS XL (still need to get the funds together for a shiny ‘New’ version of the handheld) when this post goes live. Now, while I’m pretty excited for the nostalgia binge ahead of me, what I’m really here to talk about it the video that Nintendo posted yesterday.

If you’re on the internet, which you presumably are since you’re reading this, then you’ve probably heard the news. Just in case though, check out the video in the Youtube link in the picture below which resembles the beginning of the video it’s a link to below and then meet me at the next sentence!

Video link

So that happened. The whole nostalgic 20th anniversary part aside, (because for all my talk at the beginning, I’m suddenly psyched for the new stuff), sun and moon are a pretty sweet pair of names for the new games. It’s so hard to know what to make of it all. Already people online have dissected every glimpse and every hint offered by the trailer, but let’s face it, we’re probably not going to get to play these games for another ten months so there’s plenty of time to let the hype slowly build up. Still there’s just one line from the narrator that I’m stuck on.

As the video moved forward through the different years of Pokémon games, from 1996 to 2016, he said “it all comes together in an all new Pokémon adventure”. It all comes together… it all comes together… Now that might just be a throwaway line, vague enough to build hype, but there’s just a little part of me wondering if we might finally get to see all of the countries and regions off all the previous games together in one glorious Pokémon world. A combination of everything we’ve seen in the past two decades of Pokémon games. That would be something to recapture the imagination of the series, being both new and colossal while paying tribute to all the games in the 20 year history.


Moon Sun Pokemon Always Sunny Nightman Dayman

Then again, I’d probably be even more excited about this, so what do I know?


What do you think? What does the future of the Pokémon series have in store? What changes or additions would you like to see in the new games? Let me know your ideas and hopes in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!



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