A Week in Retrospect- 12th March 2016- Just Two Points.

Anime Reporter once again heads to The Reporter’s Desk to share a thought or two on the past week. Actually, not a thought or two. Exactly two thoughts. Two.


Thought the First: Holy crap, I need to get myself a New 3DS XL as soon as possible.

Now this is far from the first time I’ve expressed a strong interest in Nintendo and their products. In fact, I’ll pretty much want to own any device that lets me play as much Legend of Zelda as I possibly can. I got the 3DS as soon as it came out so I could play Ocarina of Time 3D. I was a part of the Ambassador Programme for having bought the 3DS so early on. Then, a year or so later, I started dating a wonderful woman who also happened to love Zelda, but who had a tendency to grip the 3DS like the front bar of a rollercoaster whenever she was fighting a boss. The shoulder buttons on my 3DS were pretty much destroyed in a short time and I decided to trade it in for a shiny 3DS XL (then I got a 3DS XL for my girlfriend too because I didn’t want my new one to break and I also wanted to be able to play multiplayer games together). Unfortunately, when I bought my 3DS XL, I signed up to Club Nintendo with my newer e-mail address, not the same one I’d used for my original 3DS. I had also failed to note any of the serial numbers on my older model, which meant that my Ambassador Programme status was gone too, including the exclusive free downloads of Legend of Zelda Link to the Past and Minish Cap… The ones that definitely weren’t going to be released to the general population of 3DS users. I was pretty heartbroken. I hadn’t even really had the chance to get into either of them yet, having been swooning continuously over OoT 3D. Naturally, I tried contacting Nintendo to see if there was some way to merge my two accounts, or to at least get access to the download titles I’d paid for on my original 3DS. Apparently, there was nothing they could do and I could only sit there and bow my head in shame at not having googled how to transfer my account to a replacement 3DS system.


However, this week, Nintendo has released A Link to the Past as a downloadable game for the New 3DS and I am once again willing to fork over my money for an enhanced gameplay experience, as well as the opportunity to play one of Zelda’s all-time classics again. I’d also love the opportunity to play Minish Cap, or in fact, any other Zelda title not currently playable on 3DS. I have the DS games and all of the Zelda titles currently on 3DS (Can’t wait for Hyrule Warriors Legends!). I’d just love to give every Zelda adventure a go. While I have yet to pick up a Wii U (and I will, unless the NX can also play Twilight Princess HD, Windwaker HD and the upcoming title), I’d rather experience Minish Cap on a portable console. I like being able to reach into my bag and gallop across Hyrule while I’m sitting on the train.

Thought the Second: This is a brief thought, but one which the internet has been making for a couple of days now.






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