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Something The Internet Is In Dire Need Of- Some Guy’s Opinion Of The Ghostbusters Trailer.

Anime Reporter chimes in amid the cacophony of reactions to the first trailer of the new Ghostbusters film. Okay, so, to set the scene, I should probably go through my reactions leading up to the trailer. 1: (rumours that there’s

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My Week in Retrospect – 05-03-2016

Anime Reporter takes some time to reflect on the week gone by, talking about the latest season of Venture Bros., reviewing Kung Fu Panda 3 and reacting to the latest Rick and Morty news. Venture Bros. Season 6 We’ll start

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23 Sexy Reasons Why Nobody Could Predict What Happened After Deadpool Blew These Exploding Bikini Mice’s Minds Was Not What This Homeless Blind Ugliest Fish Ever Expected…. Anyone else getting really tired of Clickbait?

Anime Reporter vents just a bit about how stupid I think clickbait is… and how often it manages to trick me into reading drivel. No, seriously, I really, truly hate Clickbait. It’s everywhere now and it’s destroying the impact of

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